Fixing Blossom End Rot

myfrozenlittlepond(3)June 22, 2014

I have read most of the posts I can find about the challenges of BER, especially with paste tomatoes grown in the GH. But other than choosing "resistant" varieties of veggies, are there other adjustments that you have found useful? My science brain says that if BER is simply a calcium issue, then adequate calcium in the soil mix should fix the problem. But as I research further, it appears that other factors can affect the plants as well, such as excessive watering, the timing of watering, soil pH and other mineral balance. Any thoughts on how to prevent BER? How do commercial growers deal with it? My only experience with BER first hand is in my outdoor beds and was easily corrected by the addition of lime to my soil. Why is it so different in the GH? Thanks!

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When the tomatoes are growing rapidly, they can "outgrow" the plant's ability to keep the growing fruit supplied with enough minerals, especially calcium,

One of the critical factors is moisture to keep the nutrients flowing towards the fruit and within the fruit ... keep it even. Mulch thickly. But don't drown the roots.

pH affects the availability of soil minerals - within a broad range. I add sulfur to lower the pH (AZ alkaline dirt), where someone else might have to add lime to raise it.

THEN, after you have watering and pH adjusted, try adding calcium and magnesium (they interact) ... but not too much.

It's a bit of an art.

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lazygardens hit the nail on the head... also get your soil tested by a pro.. not a test kit that you by a job lot or agway..

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karin_mt(4 MT)

After battling BER for the last few years on my Super Marzanos, I switched to resistant varieties. This is the time of year when I'd normally see it and so far, not a spec. We'll see!

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Check out FAQ on the tomato forum. Good article there.

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