Greenhouse Citrus

blucolt(9a)June 5, 2014


I'm building a greenhouse to keep the squirrels out, and to grow some dwarf mango and citrus. The house will be irrigated with hydroponics (or aquaponics). My questions have to do with the trees. Would it be better to plant them in the ground, or could I keep them in pots? If I did put them in pots, how big would they need to be? And finally, what media would you recommend in the pots?

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The attached article should answer many of your questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: container citrus

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bencjedi(6 - Central Kentucky)

FWIW I am using the Al's Gritty Mix for a Meyer Lemon in a pot and it is doing fabulous.

1 part uncomposted screened pine or fir bark (1/8-1/4")
1 part screened Turface
1 part crushed Gran-I-Grit (grower size) or #2 cherrystone
1 Tbsp gypsum per gallon of soil (eliminate if your fertilizer has Ca)
CRF (if desired)

I made some substitutions due to availability of components.

For Turface I used the clay-based oil spill cleanup material they sell at NAPA Auto Parts. It's similar, but I am not sure which one at the moment. It should be one of these: NAPA Oil Spill Cleanup Materials
It's not the Diatomaceous Earth for sure.

For granite\cherry I found a pea gravel where no particle is larger than 1/4". It is mainly tiny stones of quartz and feldspar bits. Seems to do the job.

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You should check this article, they answering question via email too.

Here is a link that might be useful: GreenHouses

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