durostat two speed thermostat T152-2

ronk_39June 13, 2005

Hi maybe someone here can help me out. I got this *corrosive environment 2 speed thermostat* from farmtek.com. I also got there 10 inch exhaust fan with louvers , then i got a motorized louver ...also from farmtek, The problem is i dont understand how to hook both these up the the thermostat. I think i got the idea of how to hook up the exhaust fan, but hooking up the louver motor to the thermostat, I just cant seem to understand it. In there catalog, it says it is meant to hook up both. But the intructions only show how to hook up the 2 speed exhaust fan, so my question is, anyone have this kind of hook up? and if so, could you be so kind as to give me some kind of idea of how to hook it up. I would greatly appreciate it...thanks Ron

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stressbaby(z6 MO)

I searched item number T152-2 and durostat at farmtek and got no hits.

Is the thermostat one where you plug the device into the back of the thermostat plug, then plug the thermostat into the receptacle?

If so, you might be able to just plug a 3-1 adapter into the back of the thermostat plug, then plug the louver and fan into the adapter.

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no this is the kind you have to hard wire it. If you want to see this thermostat, goto farmtek.com and under catalog number type in this CR2031 . It has no piggy back or nothing, if it had that sure would be a lot simpler,..thanks for any advice... Ron

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Have you tried wiring the exhaust fan wire twisted together with the shutter wire to the same terminal? This should work as long as it doen't exceed the AMP's it's rated for. A shutter pulls very little probally less than 1 amp. Of course you will need extra wire as your fan will be at the opposite end of the greenhouse from your shutter.
Also you could call Farmtek. They are good about helping with things like this. I have called them before and got help right away.

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cottagefarmer(z4b WI)

I have included a wiring diagram below of a similar connection using two seperate Durostat thermostats. I used a 24 VAC transformer and control circuit because I wanted to locate the thermostats some distance from the circuit breaker panel and didn't want to run the 110 wiring to the thermostats. This way, I can use multiconductor 24 gauge cable (furnace thermostat type) to wire the circuit and it is a bit safer around the wet areas. I also wanted a two speed fan operation with a motor speed controller being activated at the lower temperature and the fan running full speed at the higher temperature. I am working on an improved model that has a time delay that will open the shutter before allowing the fan to start. Please observe common electrical safety procedures if you plan on using this information and use a ground fault interrupter on this and all circuits in the greenhouse to prevent unsightly electrocution.

Aspirator box to contain the two thermostats. A 12VDC fan draws air through the box.

The relay circuit before mounting in the breaker panel.

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stressbaby(z6 MO)

Although it complicates the wiring a bit, the 24VAC design described by cottagefarmer above is superior in terms of safety. I use 24VAC power and relays much like he has designed above, but instead of two separate thermostats, I use a climate controller. You can get a relay box to house the relays and keep them dry. I got the relays at a local electrical supplier, just ask for standard 24VAC relay.


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thanks cottage farmer, you seem to know a lot about electricity..I know the basics, but this is just to confusing, ill figure it out, or call farmtek i guess, thanks for your help, but it still dont make sense to me how to hook it up, but i did print out your instructions, maybe it will make sense tomorrow, or next day. But if anyone out there has exactly the same situation i got, your help would be greatly appreicated..thanks guys...Ron

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