Why is Munstead Turning Pink?

Sylvia Weiser WendelApril 16, 2014

The first blooms on this plant were purple-black, just as they are supposed to be. Now I have this. It's actually lighter than my Darcey Bussell (I'll post that next). What gives? Is it the recent warmer weather here (75-80)? What to do?

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Sylvia Weiser Wendel

This is a rather decayed flower on Darcey Bussell, but it points out how M.Wood has suddenly decided to become the lighter bloom.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Sorry. Mine are the same here

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Tessiess, SoCal Inland, 9b, 1272' elev

Did you buy them locally or were they shipped? If purchased nearby, and that source grew them onsite for a while (and they looked as predicted), I would ask exactly what their maintenance regime was as to what they fertilized with, amounts, and how often, and the same regarding water and mulch (if any). Were they getting a similar amount of sunlight as in your garden? What is your water like? Then compare what you are doing with how the roses were cared for before you bought them. If they came from some distance away, or were only recently shipped to a local nursery/store, then this info may not be comparable.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I remember last year 1 or 2 posters had pics of a pinkish Munstead Woods and I questioned if that was the right rose. They assured me it was the correct rose. They also said that their soil was very alkaline and there was some speculation that that may have affected the color. Keep in mind that that was speculation only--don't know for sure if that was the cause of the lighter colors.

All I can say is that my MW is dark and my soil is "average"--not very acidic, not very alkaline--somewhere inbetween.

Don't know if that will help or not. I'm trying to remember if last years posters were also from California or near there--but it just isn't coming back to me. All I can promise is to keep an eye out this summer --second year for my MW--and see how it does colorwise.


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Sylvia Weiser Wendel

Tessiess - I purchased this rose bare root from DA in Texas and had it shipped here. So I wish your advice could apply, but it can't.
Dublinbay -- Munstead is in a pot, in better-quality potting soil, so right now my soil isn't a factor. It gets morning sun and afternoon sun up to around 2 P.M. I have Molineux in a pot next to it, and that's going gangbusters.
The interesting thing is that the first blooms off this bush were wonderful. We'll see what happens through the rest of our "spring."

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