Considering a wire mesh hoop house.....How do I build it?

turtleguy89(zone5 NE OHIO)July 18, 2005

First I want to say that I love this forum! You guys have the best ideas, and now I want to steal one!

I have a gardenpond, soon to be koi pond, and I want to avoid overwintering it (pulling the non hardy plants and

fish) I have always wanted a greenhouse for the winter escape it offers, and the ability to own tropical plants, which can't happen here in Z5. I have never persued a greenhouse because they all look expensive, but after seeing wire mesh "Hoop houses" I NEED ONE! Any info is appreciated! Give me your ideas, any plans or lists of materials, specifications, anything!

I own a natural gas well, so heating will be free, but tell me, how do I insulate it for the winter? Any experiences, advice, etc.... Is appreciated! I have read your posts, and I can afford it after some saving....

Thanks all,


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The link below may be just what you are looking for with info all about building a wire mesh hoophouse.

What do you mean you own a "natural gas well"?? Do you know how many people in here would kill for free heat for a greenhouse???? I would happily have a year-round greenhouse even in my area if I had a gas well! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Cattle Panel Hoophouse

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turtleguy89(zone5 NE OHIO)

Thankyou very much, that is everything I needed! I'll post when I have it built!

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turtleguy89(zone5 NE OHIO)

For those of you who wanted to know about the gas well--
50 years ago, my grandparents built a beautiful Farm and house on the property I live at. For energy, they had a gas well put in. The company who built it drilled 1200 feet in the ground and ran piping down into it. As the gas comes up the pipe by natural pressure down there, some of it is liquid, and some is a gas. It runs through various different
valves in which the liquid is siphoned off into a 14 ft tall, 8-10 ft diameter steel drum. The remaining gas is run through piping to our house. Once or twice a year (I don't know exactly how often) a truck comes from the company and switches tanks. We then recieve a check for 100-150$ for the
liquid gas that they take. They refine it and sell it to local power companies and such.
There are a few downsides- 1. There is a huge green steel drum half a mile down the field. 2. Once in awhile(every two years or so) a pocket of gas makes its way to the surface around the pipe.....So we get a big brown stain
around the well itself. 3. Our neighbors are required to have access to a well because of Mineral Rights- Why? Whose to say the gas pocket we are using ends at the property line. There is a possibility that we are taking gas from
there property, so by law they are granted access. Which can be a pain- In the winter gas pressure drops, and its just strong enough to support one house....They run their heating as well....And the gas "goes out". When it goes out we have to go outside where the pipes meet the house and reset the connection to the house, because when pressure drops, the valves close. Not terribly difficult, just annoying!
Our township has a regulation about gas wells- if you don't own more than 4 acres of property, you can not have one. We have 36 acres, and two gas wells. Right now, a company is going to drill a new well for commercial use. The well will be a little more than a mile into the ground,
and they'll bottle it and sell it. We'll recieve between $1200 and $5000 a month depending on how much they collect.
We are planning to have pipe laid from the rear gas well(about 7/8ths of a mile from our house) to bring gas from there. All our winter difficulties will no longer exist.
My grandparents' house and farm burnt to the ground 20
years ago, and they rebuilt a small house. Then they passed away and my father inherited 36 of the original 60 acres,
and my parents built a house here. Just a little history for you.
The gas well has its good points and bad, and we like it, but I am starting to think Thermal energy may be the way to go. Feel free to ask questions- I don't know everything about it, but I'll try.

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That is very interesting! Your grandfather was a smart man to have that done. I have never heard of anyone being able to drill for gas. I have heard about mineral rights because in OK you might own land but you almost never owned any mineral rights. Wonder how they know they will find gas if they drill a hole? They can't even guarantee you they can drill and find water! :) I can't even imagine the cost now-a-days to drill a 1200 foot hole. In some parts of the country they have to pay $100 a foot or more to have a water well drilled.

So you virtually could build tons of year-round heated greenhouses and not only have it cost you nothing to heat, but they are gonna be paying you monthly to take gas out from under you. Amazing. I'll guarantee there will be a lot of envious people in here! Everyone is out there now running around trying to find out if they can drill a gas well. ;)

Glad I could help you with the hoophouse plans. I save a lot of stuff on my computer (so much I usually can't find what I want!) I saved that even though I have never seen those panels for sale up here, but I also liked the info on the page about building a mister. Remember to post pics when you are done building the hoophouse.

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OH MY LORD...I love you need a greenhouse wife..ha ha ha ha o man what I could do with a few heated greenhouses....are you sure you dont need a greenhouse live in Alabama...and have many rare and different plants....I would put my husband on E-bay to get more plant for my heated please raise plants...I would love to see what you would grow....oh the wife thing....been married for 20

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Whoa! Kenny!! This is a side-effect I didn't see coming!!! lmao You just became the most desirable man in the forums! ;) If you notice a big increase in traffic driving around in your neighborhood I think I might take cover and hide!!! You may find yourself being stalked.... haha

(didn't your parents tell you the internet can be a dangerous place to play?) ;)

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Hello again...

your story was so great about having your own gas.. I made my husband read it when he got up...and yes my reply to you'm even going to send it to my DAD...does anyone else have a great story?

thanks Jody

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jkirk3279(Z5 SW MI)

There are some oil pumps in our area. I suppose it would be possible to pump some crude, filter and burn it as diesel.

Never quite pictured a gas tap off an oil field being that easy... WOW.

As for the neighbors, if they want NG, they should drill their own well !

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erlyberd(Z5 CT)

Turtleguy, If I had free gas it would be easy to find where I lived: The whole property would be a giant glass bubble! Endless summer.

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Just found this thread today and the link to the wire mesh hoop house does not work. Can anyone post the actual website so I can copy it into my browser or has the website been taken down? Thanks. Connie

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I agree-that story about free gas is great- I imagine many of us have such interesting situations but don't find convenient places to post the stories.
About the greenhouses "looking expensive." You seem to have the ideal situation for building a greenhouse of high value, but an inexpensive Harborfreight type can be built (including all the suggested reinforcements and improvemments for less then $1000 and a heated unit would quickly pay for itself considering free heat.

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