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flowerchild008July 7, 2014

Hi all, I'm new to posting here, and have sooo many questions. We've been looking to get a greenhouse for about a year, and think we're leaning towards a Grandio Elite. It's 10mm twin wall polycarbonate; we want to use it year round. It has roof vents, but we'd need to install a lower louver and possibly an exhaust fan??? Just not sure what all we need to do for proper ventilation. Those of you with greenhouses, do you love them, hate them, somewhere in between? And anybody have any experience with the Grandio greenhouses?

Thanks for any input you might have, this is a whole new learning curve!

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Hello, I'm very new to growing in a greenhouse as well but will tell you what I've learned so far. As far as basic ventilation you want your ventilation fan at the highest point as possible,and your shutter intake at the lowest possible point opposite side of the fan. The exhaust fan should change the air in the greenhouse in 1-1/2 minutes. Fan capacity is rated in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). For your correct fan size in CFM, calculate your greenhouse Volume: lengthÃÂwidthÃÂheight, then pick the correct fan and vent to achieve.

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Great information, thanks so much for your help, and enjoy your greenhouse!

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I am also considering the Grandio Elite 8X12 as well as the Riga III onion shaped GH. It is very hard to find real customer reviews about these products, so I hope that some members will share their experiences with us.

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