Anyone build a pit greenhouse?

xephadooJuly 16, 2010

I am planning on building a pit greenhouse, and am curious if anyone else here has done so, and if they would be able to show off pics of theirs. I plan to make mine about 5 foot deep and with a foot print of 12x26. I plan on putting 12 55 gal barrels embedded in the back wall and another 10 55 gal drums will make up the base of a table where my wife will grow herbs and such. These will work for the thermal mass to keep it warm during the colder nights. I not quitew sure if this will be enough, but I figure if it is 5 foot deep then the temp spikes will be mitigated a good bit.

any ideas or info links, or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

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Two photos of pit greenhouses are found at the link attached. Scroll down to "Tajikistan".

Here is a link that might be useful: pit greenhouse photos

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cool thanks. Pretty low tech version, but it did give some promising facts about how well it helped the crops grow, even in pretty cold conditions.

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As mentioned in the photo narrative, the citrus was doing well, but some of the vegetable crops had a problem. The ventilation was insufficient and excessive humidity levels resulted. If you have access to electricity, solar or otherwise, installing ventilation fans would improve the growing conditions. This would be especially true for your more humid Georgia conditions.

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Good point lol. My main plants I am planning to grow would be various cactus breeds, so humidity control would be quite necessary. I can run power from my house to the greenhouse to run a couple fans during the day. I might end up buying a solar panel or 2 though, as it would be nice not have to worry about outside power.

I am still debating whether I want the plants inground or not. Im thinking just in large pots/containers, and posswibly making a solid floor out of concrete or something of the sort. Still debating that. I might just leave the floor as dirt at first and see where the sun hits the floor. Being that it is 5 foot deep I think some of my plants need to be on tables. And I plan on having my larger cactus in 20-30 gallon tubs. So a solid floor might be the way to go for me, but not quite sure yet.

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