Free 20x50 greenhouse it worth it ?

paul_ontario_2009July 24, 2010

A local individual is offering a 20x50 glass greenhouse free for anyone willing to take it down.

I have only seen the greenhouse in a picture, but it appears to have a wood frame. It appears in very good shape.

My only concern is actually removing the glass. How long should this take ? I have tried removing a window pane from its frame a few times and it proved very difficult. It was attachd with years of putty and glazing points.

Would this be what I should be expecting for this greenhouse as well - a very long process involving breaking half the pannels ?

I have talked to the owner and will be going to see it tommorrow morning and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on this.

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Were it me, I'd view this as a great free source of materials
to build a smaller greenhouse. There is NO QUESTION that
many panels will break on removal, that you'll find rotten
wood that cannot be reused, etc. But it could end up being
FAR more work than you're thinking to take it down and
put it back up again.

But good luck to you... please post back your findings.


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My Dad had a range of iron pipe frame, cypress barred, glass paned greenhouses, each of which he reworked every 5 years. I worked for him when I was 14-20, 60+ years ago. Each summer, 2-4 of us strapping young guys would remove glass, scrape and paint bars and iron work with white lead, then re-bed the glass and putty it in. It would take us all summer to do two 30x100 houses. A lot of "man" hours, and we didn't disassemble the bars and frames. By the way, we didn't break much glass, but then we had a lot of experience.

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Paul, Any followup results to post or too busy removing glass? Margaret

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Seems like the materials alone would be worth a lot of the work you'd have to do to get them. I wouldn't be able to do that kind of work myself (I'm kinda short and kinda old) but it would be good to have the materials on hand if you could find some helpers to both take down and rebuild.

A friend offered me a free 10x30 greenhouse for the same deal and I asked my DH if he and a couple of his friends could do the work and he changed my name to Jose' and you can guess the rest. If you're not familiar with construction techniques it would be overwhelming. So what did you decide to do? Cheryl

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I have all the glass out and all the framing down was actually rather easy to remove. I went well for someone without a clue.
Now I just got to figure out how to rebuild it as a solar greenhouse....again without a clue.

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Good show. Make haste slowly when reassembling.

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