R Primula vs multiflora - will I be able to tell them apart?

vettin(z6b Northern VA)April 30, 2011

Now that it looks like that there is multiflora in my neighbors yard which is sending out shoots to me, if I plant R Primula and R Hugonis, will I be able to tell the foliage apart? Sorry, likely a silly question to those of you more experienced.

Also - best way to destroy the multiflora? If I dig it up, will it just send more roots elsewhere?

Thank you.

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

Multiflora does not send out shoots. It seeds around, but that is different. Also, roses with multiflora heritage all have the fringed multiflora stipules. This would be polyanthas, hybrid musks, and multiflora ramblers, just to name a few.

Primula and hugonis do look somewhat different. However, my own-root hugonis has been extremely slow to develop suckers. Given that, it shouldn't be difficult to tell the difference between a planted rose and a seedling.

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Yes, the foliage, the canes color and the thorns are are all obviously different. If you see hugonis or primula leaves and canes just once, you will never mix them with multiflora.

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