How clear is 'clear'? (or should I go with opaque?)

castorpJuly 11, 2011

Is clear plastic greenhouse film transparent like glass? Or is it a little "foggy"? Or does it start out clear and become a little foggy as it weathers?

I ask because I want to make a screen to hide some vegetables growing in really ugly plastic containers (split plastic drums, mainly). I'll be growing vegetables in the middle of winter, when the sun is weak and shining at a low angle, so I need a screen that lets in a lot of light, or else the screen will shade the veggies. At the same time, the screen must hide, or at least obscure, an ugly view.

Or would opaque be better? I like the look but I worry that it won't let in enough light. I was reading about it and it seems to reduce the amount of light that enters quite a bit.

There would no be a roof on this structure (except a temporary one on freezing nights) so I don't think overheating should be an issue. I just need something that will let in light and yet "fog" the ugly view--if such a thing exists.



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karin_mt(4 MT)

Hi Bill,

The plastic film for greenhouses is not perfectly clear. It lets plenty of light through but it is not transparent like glass. It will screen your view of the containers. For example, when I look across the backyard at my hoop house, I can't see the plants inside. I'm using the IR film from Farmtek. If you are buying an odd-sized piece of film, check out their remnants section and you can find some nice deals.

Happy growing!

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Thanks! I'll check out Farmtek.


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