Greenhouse made of old windows

rjingaJuly 12, 2007

Has anyone ever done it? can it work and be functional in all the ways you need a greenhouse to be?

I have seen photos of one someone built on this site and it's just as cute as it could be. I really like to idea of using salvage windows to put it together.

I realize that it's not anything like the very nice GH's on here and I will someday have one that has all the bells and whistles...but the home we are in now is not a permanent place, and this will give me a "FIX" and get my feet wet at the same to strive for bigger and better things!!

Any advice would be appreciated. It will most likely measure 6 foot wide and 8 feet deep.

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ole_dawg(7 UpCountry SC)

I am still building mine, but not of old windows, but if you have the right windows and access to cheap lumber, which you should being from my guess, South Georgia, with all the pine, etc.
Are the windows suitable? Are they double hung, crank out,
What kind??
Give us some more information to work with.
How many do you have? What width are they? Do you have a door?

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I am collecting materials as I go (for FREE or cheap)

My next door neighbor is giving me his left over lumber from his house he is having built...

The windows I intend to use are either going to be the old wooden grid style sash type window...OR I may have access to about 40-50, 1950 casement windows. I do not k-now the size of the windows, as I have not seen them yet(they are coming from an apartment remodel) so at least they should be pretty uniform in size/shape etc. I dont know whether or not they are double paned, probably not. since I'm searching still for the materials, I'm very flexible on what I use etc.

I will be also getting some double paned sliding glass doors (standard size, 3ft x 78 inches). these will probably be used for the roof or possibly the roof and door? I'm hoping to find some french doors for the entry.... I will also try for something about 6 feet wide, 8-10 feet deep with rafters? and an A-frame top. the exact measurements of course will be dictated by the size of the windows.

Basically, I was hoping to get feedback (pro's and con's) from anyone who has built something similiar and to find out tips/ideas on materials that were used, etc.

I have seen a few GH on here that I liked, and would try to improve is mao-tse-mom (if you search her name, you'll see what she did) the other is kellyfg...I actually like hers better and would aim for something more like it, just bigger.

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ole_dawg(7 UpCountry SC)

If you can get enough windows of the same size I fore see no major problem and it should look nice. You might want to op for a regular roof as that will be your hardest part. If the windows are wood you will have no problem in double glazing them, if fact the same for aluminum. Your frame will have to be wood and STRONG to support all that weight.
Just remember that if you want something bad enough it will happen. The problem will of course be $$$. Mine has already doubled in cost from what I had thought and I am still not throught.
Others will cherp in soon that have much more experience than I on GREENHOUSES, but I do know how to build a house as I have done that and the principle is the same.
Where are you in Georgia?

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I remember seeing a really beautiful one, several years ago in a garden magazine.
Someone had made it, for his wife, out of old windows.
Although it wasn't huge, it was still pretty good size.
It had a really well done whimsicalness about it and I loved the look.

I just can't remember which magazine that I saw it in.
I keep thinking that it was one of the Better Home and Garden's special editions.
I tried to do an online search the other night and couldn't find out anything.
I'm sure that I have it around here somewhere.
I rarely throw anything away! ;~)


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wetfeet101b(z9 Riverside - So Cal- USA)

Are we allowed to post pictures scanned from garden magazines?
I do recall reading a magazine a few days ago that featured a GH that someone built out of recycled windows and materials.

I'll try to look for the magazine from my pile and see if I can scan the pics. It looked really nice too.

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wetfeet101b(z9 Riverside - So Cal- USA)

I just found out that the magazine has a website with the online articles that correspond to the printed magazine.

The magazine of course, has bigger and more pictures. But the web article should give you an idea of how they built the GH.

Here's the link to the specific article:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I am currently expanding my 8x10 home-made greenhouse to add an additional 6x10 section that is entirely made up of old windows. I work next to a window company and they have to pay by the ton to haul off the windows that they replace, so they have been willing to give me as many as I like.

I am using two double-paned windows stacked together to effectively give me four panes of glass with three air-zones between them. This should help to make it very energy efficient. I am making the walls 84 inches high and using poly-carb for the roof to minimize the weight issues. All in all this addition is costing me only about $200 and doubles the planting space that I have. My existing fans/vents and heating system were selected knowing that I would expand.

If you visit large window places (mine is an Anderson dealer who mostly replaces wooden windows) you might find you can get free windows. While poly-carb is fantastic, I miss being able to sit among my plants and watch the snow falling outside. Windows will make this possible.

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ole_dawg(7 UpCountry SC)

It sounds like a lovely GH. I can understand the solitude as well. Where are you located? Not much snow here, but I have seen plenty in Patagonia.
1eyedJack and the Dawg

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