Full sun for the Duchess?

subk3April 18, 2014

I'd like to grow a Duchess de Brabant in an area that gets morning sun from sunrise to about 11am-noon, so 5-6 hours with afternoon shade. It will have a light colored wall behind it below 3 feet and a glass window higher--so some relfected heat and light, but not a lot.

I know sun exposure is not the same depending on the intensity of the climate, but would anyone know if 5-6 hours of morning sun in the Southeast (Nashville zone 6b/7a) would be consider "Full Sun"?

Some sources say DdB can take a bit of shade, but this will be a specimen plant in a perennial garden so I need it to be a star and do more than just get by.

If not the Duchess any other suggestions?

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I can only say that the Duchesse did not do will in the sun in my hot and dry climate and the situation you describe would have been perfect for it. I don't know much about growing conditions in your area but have found that overall the teas in warm climates don't need all-day sun to thrive. It's possible that in a humid climate such as yours they can tolerate more sun, but for a really accurate assessment I would trust most the people who live near your area. I think it's a wonderful rose, by the way.


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I've grown her in partial shade in TX and, believe it or not, in Portland. She seems to remain quite healthy. The main challenge in Portland is the rain/blossom combo. However, if I lose some blossoms, I just cut 'em off and start again. She's been a fantastically remontant rose for me. She has buds right now and no disease. She's boxed into a partial shade location during the summer but at this time of year, there is little sun anywhere in the garden for any length of time...period. She seems to grow a bit lankier in shade. (Who doesn't?) Not unduly gawky, though, after she grows out of the extended, awkward adolescent stage. Carol

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