Climate battery/ wicking bed combo in frame

Gilbert_FritzAugust 10, 2014

I am building a wicking bed with a cold frame on top. I will insulate the frame and bed to keep the heat it. To collect extra heat in the winter, I wondered if it would be helpful to use a small electric pump to run water from the reservoir through a black plastic pipe looped across the surface of the bed. This should pick up heat from the sun and store it in the gravel/ water, kind of like a climate battery. Remember that this is in Colorado, with intense sun and guaranteed cold frame overheating most days without venting.

What do you think?

The pump could be turned off at night to prevent freezing. I am thinking that this system could be especially useful during March and April, when I would be trying to start new tender plants, and there is a lot of sun around, but nights are still cold.

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CanadianLori(6a Oakville)

I played with making a small solar water heater, encased in a , pop can, heater. I used it last year to heat a trough of water in my little gh. I used a small pond pump hooked up to a solar panel so that the water circulated when the sun shone. I have since replaced that with another heater but it does work. I wanted to reuse the pvc pipe from this but found out that it got so hot, it actually warped and couldn't be reused.

I had originaly set it up to thermosiphon but the wate ony circulated once an hour.

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