Are the infamous HFGH made by One Stop Gardens?

dirtslinger2(6)August 28, 2011

I just notice the great price on the 10 x 12', and was hoping they replaced the HFGH with this new brand of quality?

I know wishful thinking but had to ask. Thanks.

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Everything I have seen seems to indicate that One Stop Gardens is just a brand owned by Harbor Freight, maker (or at least importer) of the infamous 10' x 12' HFGH :-).


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Thanks, too bad.

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I've had a 10x12 HFGH for four years and for the price (~$650), my experience is that the quality is excellent. Essentially all of the pieces fit. Actually I'm impressed by the design, though I did make a few modifications. I agree however that it's not a kit for the person who is totally lacking in construction skills.

Note that I'm an old man with minimal building experience and I fabricated the unit with no help, so the kit design can't be too bad.

I think the HFGH has been made "infamous" by folks who located the greenhouse in bad locations, e.g., too exposed, or who really didn't have the needed experience, or whose expectations were unrealistic. I will admit that I'm not impressed by the vent opener.


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My 10x12 HFGH has been up for four years as well. Regular readers here know I'm a fan of these, because I think they're a great value for the price. I gathered lots of info from this forum about modifying the kit (using inexpensive materials) to improve the strength in high winds, and we've had no problems. Those modifications are discussed in more detail in my blog, here.

I was disappointed to find that the Harbor Freight polycarbonate panels will (apparently) only last about four years in my intense sun climate. I'm replacing most of mine soon, because of small holes, brittleness, and yellowing. However, there are many HFGH owners here who post they have not experienced this problem, so there may be variability in the manufacturing quality of the panels. Even with this problem, I'd buy and build one again because of the value, since because we were willing to put in a bit of time to make a few changes for the better. It has allowed me to learn about having a greenhouse without breaking the bank.

I don't like the roof vents; in my strong winds, they tended to bang up and down a bit, even in the "closed" position. I finally wired mine shut, and don't use them (I have removable screens on the south side instead, for summer.) I've also heard folks say the Harbor Freight vent openers aren't a good value, and that it's best to spend more for another brand of vent opener.

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