CA-6 crushed limestone or concrete

v1rtAugust 30, 2010

I spoke to the company that sells this today. The concrete is $7 cheaper. However, I'm not sure which one to buy for my patio project. We are required to put 4" of it.

So which one should I order? Oh, he said that both looks the same. Same in granularity. He said that concrete is stronger. Should I buy the crushed concrete then?


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Concrete, because you will be recycling, rather than depleting natural stone.

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Perfect. I talk to him again just a minute ago and he told me to drop at least 2 inch first, then water it but not soak then compact it. Then put another 2 inch for the final and same procedures. :)

He told me that CA means coarse aggregate. He also told me that it has the same consistency as the CA-6 crushed limestone.

So glad for your confirmation. Any more tips when compacting it?


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