Hot water heater

amstutz1August 17, 2010

I am upgrading my greenhouse from 11 x 16 to 13 x 22 and changing from single pane glass to polycarb. I have used a five gallon hot water tank to warm the water for watering my orchids. Unfortunately, the tank runs out of warm water soon after starting. I am considering removing the tank and just using water out of the tap. Our well water is about 52 degrees F year round. Any ideas?


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We are on a well and although our climate is much warmer than yours, our tap water is cold in winter. I have never heated water for my orchids, I only let it set until it reaches room temperature. If it's a matter of running the water through the heater, even if the small tank runs out, why remove it? The water that runs through it will still be warmer than that coming directly from the tap. Cheryl

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