Roll-up Sidewalls??

DaisyLover(z3/4NH)August 2, 2005

I have just studied some installation instructions for a greenhouse with the roll-up sidewalls. The question I had with this system still is not answered. I know several of you out there have this, so I now turn to you for an answer. My question is this:

What holds the plastic film tight against the end ribs when the plastic is rolled down? So far I see this as a large area for a leak in the structure.

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DaisyLover, the link takes me to Texas Greenhouses and does not show a greenhouse with roll up sides.

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Haha! Well, cactusfreak....that is really freaky! (no pun intended!) I didn't put that "greenhouse" link there and I have no clue how to do that or how it even got there! :) I just wanted to know how the plastic poly has any kind of connection or tightness against the end ribs when you have a roll-up sidewall. I had downloaded the pdf file of assembly instructions for the ClearSpan Gothic Arch greenhouse from FarmTek thinking I would finally see something mentioned about this, but nothing was said.

I understand the cables or straps keep the sidewalls from billowing out, but that just doesn't seem like that is enough to seal the ends. When you are in a very cold climate you don't want leaks if you are going to try to heat for even a short time.

again...that was very very strange.... ;)
(if anyone knows how I made that link let me know...cause I wanted to know how to add links within a message and how to add text stuff (bold, underline, etc.)

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I read one article where they are not used in Kentucky because of the cold weather letting in too much cold air. They are used mainly in Florida.
Here's another article about sealing.
I have now noticed other posts have certain words highlighted like 'plants' that takes to you to advertising. Must be something GW is doing.

Here is a link that might be useful: roll-up sidewalls seal

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Thanks, cactusfreak, for the link. After reading that I understand it a lot more and see how they used the poly panel to cover the end of the roll-up to block leaks. I think on my plan I will just incorporate vents at the gable ends over the doors, vents and/or fans low on the end walls beside the doors, and possibly a couple shutters or lift open panels along the sides. Will have to sketch it out and think about the airflow direction to make sure it flows right.

I had been to that site before but never looked at that greenhouse I guess. I probably was just too interested in drooling over the bentwood gothic arches. ;) But this time I did check their supplies and found that their inflation blower is cheaper than FarmTek and I believe their poly film is cheaper too (if I calculated the square footage right). I think their wiggle lock was cheaper too.

Yeah, I noticed those posts over in the container forum that also had words attached to advertisers links. They all seem to have happened about Aug 3rd. I don't know if there is someone here we should tell about this or if they already know. Weird. Just can't get away from all these ads! :)

Thank you again for all your help. :)

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