Gazebo Greenhouse?

grmadarr(8a)August 28, 2010

I have a gazebo on the end of my front porch that I would like enclose and use as a greenhouse.Have been looking on this forum for ideas.I just don't know what I need to get it started.Can sure use some advise from you good people. Many thanks for any help you can give me. Darr

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I think that a greenhouse in your porch gazebo would be lovely. Install glass panels between your porch posts all the way around, and frame in a pretty glass storm door. Your structure will be protected from weather by the solid roof and the eaves on your porch.

If your porch has a wood deck you'll need to cover it with something to stop the cold air from blowing in underneath. Another layer of porch decking laid crosswise to the existing boards, leaving no spaces between them, would still allow drainage. If you have a concrete porch, you might just put down some bricks or pavers to insulate the floor a bit.

Don't forget hooks for hanging some lush ferns and space for a chair and table, so you have a place to sit, read, and enjoy. Cheryl

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Thanks for the post Cheryl. Doesn't seem like you get much response if your new to these forums.I appreciate your ideas!!

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pabloverde(Z7 Atanta GA)

Hi Darr,

You're right, responses can get a little slow around here.

I think you'll get more action if you provide more info. Posting a picture of the gazebo would answer lots of questions. Then include how you plan to use it. (Big difference between providing a year round greenhouse for
orchids versus one that will be used for starting veggies). There can also be a big difference if you want to optimize the area for your plants or create a nice sitting area like Cheryl suggested.

You'll find lots of good info here.

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You are right about the info. I will try to get some pictures on the forum so all can see what I am talking about. Thanks for the post Pabloverde Darr

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