Positioning greenhouse for wind?

dirtslinger2(6)August 27, 2011

In this area there seems to be no theme as to whether you put the end of the GH into the wind, or have the brunt hit the longer side wall.

Is there a "right" answer or do both methods hold up the same?

I'm looking to get an aprox 12' x 20' poly tunnel (with poly ends) and live in a fairly windy area.


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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

If it was me, I would put the end wall facing the predominant wind direction. For me, that is out of the south. However, it does depend on where you live. Also, beef up the framing on the poly end. Add some 2 by 4's for strength with posts in the ground.

Here is a picture of the endwall on my 30 by 48. The plywood is now a door. I just didn't have the time to finish it this spring.

Here is the framing for one of my 16 by 32.


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Those are great, thanks for adding the pics.It just seems wrong to have wind hit a flat wall rather than curved, but I suppose being framed in with 2x4's it isn't an issue.

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Our cold frames are oriented with the long side running perpendicular to the predominant wind direction. There are 8 of them that are 30x100 if i remember correctly. During storms the wind can gust up to 70mph and we dont have any problems. Occasionally once the poly gets older it will rip in a storm(4+ yrs old), but that it sort of to be expected.


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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

and to make it more confusing, if you want to naturally ventilate during the growing season, it makes more sense to have the long sides to the wind, so it goes through for air flow better.

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I get nearly constant West winds here,so I should have the end facing West?

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lukeott(7 south jersey)

Hello All,
I have a gothic style greenhouse that I bought used.The size is 30'x36' I think.??? It is 2"x2" square tube I think.??? Looking at Jay's pics, the ground post are short. That's like the one I have, but going to buy 14' length 2"x2" and cut in half. This will make the sides tall enough so I can walk to side wall without ducking, like in the second pic. Anyway, while making the greenhouse taller this will add to catching more wind. So I ask is witch way to put the end walls???
I live in southern end of NJ where the winds change depending on the season. Summer winds from ssw and winter from nnw. Also, what is more important the wind or the sun direction??? Sorry, for all the questions.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

SUN is more important. Also think about your wind in the summer for ventilation, unless you are using fans.

I would run it North-South. However, I don't know how your land lays, or other obstructions. If you are planning on using it during the winter, think about the long shadows from other buildings or trees.


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lukeott(7 south jersey)

Hello Jay,
Thanks for your input. This greenhouse will be used for multi purposes. One use will extend growing season for fig trees and other potted plants plus for starting veggy, herbs and flowers for spring and fall. It's an open area so can place any way I want.

Also have a 14x32 cold frame that I use in the garden like you do. But that one is set up to slide down the garden. It has pro's and con's. Pro's you can start colder crops early, than slide down and start your warmer crops earlier. Con's, twice now were we had super strong winds and blew it into the woods and destroyed the plastic and a couple bows. I have it staked good, but when mother nature decides to show her strength. Sorry if this is to much.

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