Is anyone else using a Solar Gem greenhouse?

rainypnw(7b)August 18, 2010

I recently ordered an 8' x 12' Solar Gem brand greenhouse,

made right here in Tacoma, WA. It will be installed on

a sport court that never gets used anymore, in full sun.

Luckily, I have AC power right where it's going already,

so should I decide to heat it that part will be pretty easy.

Seems like

a VERY well built product, and being translucent fiberglass,

is fully diffuse and bright everywhere inside.

Just curious if others are using a Solar Gem?

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Although I do not own a solargem, I have seen several in operation. The heating part is fairly easy, as you mention, disregarding the energy costs. The larger problem will be cooling during the summer months. The ventilation system will need modification to allow more air circulation, plus shade cloth, misting, etc.

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