Can I paint the aluminum components in my kit greenhouse?

danni_in_pdx(Portland)August 12, 2014

So I just bought a small (6' x 8' x 6') greenhouse, my your-first-greenhouse venture to see how much I use one. SturdiBuilt is about 400 yards down the road from here, but before I spent the 12k (+city fees) to build that one, my DH suggested I try a cheaper one to see if it pans out. I sincerely think he hopes I lose interest. (Who knows? I might.) But anyway, this is one of those kit deals with the rigid plastic panels. It looks like a nightmare frankly. But what I want to know is, has anyone had success painting the aluminum in their kits? And mine will be on a 2 x 10 foundation of cedar, can I paint that too? Thanks for any help, I am flying blind here, but I've got too many tender plants to overwinter for my space AND I do tons and tons of starts and it's a mess in the mud room.

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If you haven't bought a silver GH kit yet, or can return it, you probably would be much happier with a powder coated type. They typically (if not always) come in forest green. A little more expensive, but a powder coated model would probably look better than a home made paint job unless you're an artiste, and would be well worth the cost unless you enjoy dabbing paint by the hour.

As to cedar, traditionally you only oiled cedar, which is oily to begin with. Regular paint wouldn't last long on it. But, with today's technology, I suspect there are coatings you can use on cedar. Maybe someone else knows for sure.

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karin_mt(4 MT)

I'm sure you could paint those surfaces, but why do you want to? It's going to be a lot of trouble. On the aluminum parts, I'd be mindful of the little slots that the polycarbonate panels fit into. I'd bet that if you painted in those slots it would interfere with the fit of the panels.

As for losing interest, I doubt it! Greenhouses seem to be a one-way street!

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Thanks for the feedback! As to the 'why' of it, well, bc I am an optimist (hence the gardening) and maybe the greenhouse will look a little more dreamy and less like a 209$ greenhouse that it is....if it isn't metal-looking. And painting cedar IS against God, nature and all the design magazines, but I am trying for a silk purse here! Again, the trouble started when I discovered how close I was to the nice greenhouse place up the road. Seeing bespoke, charming greenhouses was great, but a little heartbreaking, knowing DH doesn't care about gardening and would in no way be behind spending the $ for those. Heck, he glowered all night about the scary HF one! I will let you know if reason or art wins out!

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karin_mt(4 MT)


Did you already buy the $209 model? If not, I'd try to talk you out of it. If so, then I hope it works out for you!

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