L.D. Braithwaite, what gives?

lovemysheltie(5/6 Chicago)April 27, 2011

I got L.D.Braithwaite from Chamblee's a week ago. Its bud has bloomed and I am rather disappointed. While the bush itself is healthy and awesome (as Chamblee's plants always are), the flower is pink than red, and I cannot detect any smell whatsover! HMF lists this guy as having a 'strong, old rose fragrance' and the photos are more red as well. Do you think it's possible Chamblee's sent me the wrong rose? Wanted to ask here before I phone them...

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lovemysheltie, give it some time. What you have is an immature plant without sufficient root system to provide all the resources it needs to create all those petals, color and scent. I'd plant it and give it what you'd normally provide a new plant then watch it for a while. You may register your apprehension with them if you'd like, but my guess is immature plant with potential odd weather conditions. You know how some roses can appear strange early in the season due to unusual temps and light levels. Kim

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jerijen(Zone 10)

I agree with Kim.
I grew L.D. Braithwaite for many years, and it did very well in my coastal climate.
It was disease-resistant, too, in my conditions.

That bloom doesn't look right, but I think you need to wait until it has a real plant under it, to judge it.


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the_bustopher z6 MO

L.D. Braithwaite sometimes has pink flowers to start with before it really gets going. Give it time. This is common among old garden roses where the darker red coloring develops better after the plant is established. La Belle Sultane is a perfect example of this. I think you will be okay. It also will tend to bloom one per stem and rarely have the full petal count as pictured in the catalog. However, when it does, it is drop-dead gorgeous.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

When I received Le Vesuve as a band I was absolutely convinced I'd been sent the wrong rose only to find out I was mistaken. Even the leaves didn't look quite right to me. They do need a little time to get their act together. I think your rose is quite lovely as it looks right now, by the way.


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lovemysheltie(5/6 Chicago)

Got it, thanks all :)

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To my eye, it does not look like L. D. Braithwaite. It looks like a mis-labelled rose.

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kstrong(10 So Cal)

Roses that bloom in their shipping boxes (like this one seems to have) can have some very strange colors. I wouldn't worry about it until the next blooms. They probably will not look at all the same.

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seil zone 6b MI

I have to agree with Kathy. You have no way of knowing in what conditions that rose set that bloom and what conditions it endured in transit. Don't judge it until it's had a chance to settle down and get established.

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buford(7 NE GA)

I also had a LD from Chamblees and it also bloomed pink. I thought it was the wrong rose. Unfortunately it didn't survive, so I don't know if it would have turned red.

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