May buy a HFGH today, please help with dimension

louky(6b)September 7, 2009

Well.....They are on sale AND I have the 20% coupon, thinking of making the plunge. Can someone tell me the height at the roof peak? I have a possible interference problem with my gutter, I really want to have one of the end walls next to my house if it will fit.

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And of course I forgot to say that it is the 10 x 12 model I'm interested in.

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web4deb(5 CT)

From the peak to the top of the foundation is 117". I buried my foundation, but I think it's 5" tall.

Here is a link that might be useful: my blog

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I have 2--10X12 HFGH hooked together back to back love the space. I have orchids hanging from the roof and can walk under them with no problen, so can my brother who is 6'2" tall. I just went out and measured from the very top of the gable to the bottom of the base that comes with the GH and it is 10ft 4in. I also have that base on 2X8 so I could make it higher because of the orchids. Good luck to you. You will find lots of information on this site.

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Thanks all for the prompt responses. As a follow up question, what would be the ramifications of attaching the end (opposite the door) wall directly to my brick house, without using the glazing? I know it would create some sealing challenges, but I am thinking of the "heat sink" gains I could get from the brick. The location I am considering would have that wall against the brick anyway. Has anyone done this? Funnylady..when you said yours were back to back, did you mean that it formed a continuous greenhouse 24' long?

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

You're probably not going to pick up a huge amount of heat off the brick wall. In fact, in winter, it's possible that it may actually wick heat away from the greenhouse interior. In addition, for structural reasons and sealing reasons it would be better to build the greenhouse as designed - with the glazing installed - and butt the end of it to the brick. That way you will get most of the wall's radiated energy into the greenhouse without it being in direct contact.

The idea you described is basically a lean-to type of greenhouse, but those have to be carefully designed to get decent solar benefits.

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Where do you see them on sale? In their flyer only? They aren't online. What does the 10x12 come to with the coupon? I am looking for a GH TOO!

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web4deb, are any of the panels easily removed? Or can you see of a way to customize it so that some of the top panels can be removed for summer ventilation if using it as a regular grow area?

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HFGH sale

I was able to get the greenhouse yesterday. List (In Louisville KY) 799. Sale price and coupon resulted in total of 551 including tax.

Try to get on their email list. I get the 20% coupon maybe monthly, it is only usually good for a weekend (the weekend following the email). I believe the GH is on sale until 9-21. I did see it in a flyer. You can call your nearest store and ask them if they have the item (93358) and the sale price. It should come up on the computer as (I think) 649.

BTW they have the coupon fixed where it can't be forwarded by email??

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Great, thanks! I called and they have it for $649. I don't have a coupon but he has one and will hold one for me so I can get the 20% off.

Did you do alot of research on the HFGH? It seems either it works or doesn't from searching in the forums here. Of course, one needs to make modifications to improve the stability..

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Yes my GH is 24 ft long.

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safaribabe: I didn't do a huge amount of research, but did enough to know that there's a lot of help out there, both in improvements and "gotchas" notification. I have built two hoophouses, and realized that I wanted something that would shed snow better and be better insulated. After some preliminary pricing of the HFGH I think it would have cost me almost as much in material to do a wood frame with the twinwall covering.

BTW, on my coupon, there is a place to invite a friend to be placed on the HF preferred customer list to receive emails. If you haven't gotten signed up, send me your email and I will enter it. I get one or two email ads per week with items on sale, and a 15 or 20% coupon every 6 wks to 2 months.


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I am considering buying a 10 x 12 HFGH and would like to know the size of the container and the weight

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The Harbor Freight website lists the shipping weight of the 10x12 at 216 pounds. I don't recall the dimensions of the box, but you could probably call their toll free number and ask.

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You can just google search "HF Coupon" and it pops up and you print it out. I did that today when I bought the little one (6' x 8') which was already on sale, so it was $209.

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