Separating glass panes from taping

yellowtractor(Fort Worth, TX)September 12, 2008

I purchased a 15' X 30' glass-paned greenhouse and need to dis-assemble it to bring t home. I read the older post about dis-assembling an marking everything but I think my major problem will be separating the glass from the insulating foam tape that was used. They're stuck pretty good. I purchased some real thin putty knives with the hope of working them between the tape and glass but there's a lot of glass to remove. Is there anything that I can spray that might speed up the process? There's only about 330 panes with 54 curved ones to remove.

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For removing many types of glue,tape, etc. I have used "goo gone" successfully. My teacher wife said they use it to remove grafitti. Sounds like a tv ad, but it is not particularily expensive and seems to work.

Here is a link that might be useful: glue, tape remover

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yellowtractor(Fort Worth, TX)

Thanks. Maybe I can make a little space with the putty knife and give it a spray. Definitely worth a try.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

I've always found single edge razor blades - either handheld or mounted in a small scraper -- to be easier and more effective than a putty knife. If you hold the blade at an angle, you can often slide it along and separate the adhesive from the glass effectively.

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yellowtractor(Fort Worth, TX)

I've acquired an assortment of razor blades and different holders which I'll be trying. I'll practice on the smaller rectangular pieces and save the curved till last hoping to be smarter by then.
Thanks for the reply.

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