Is this a good buy?

price403(Zone 6b, WV)September 17, 2008

I'm looking at a 20'x80' gothic arch greenhouse for sale close to me. It needs new glazing. Along with the frame and end walls there are these extras: 2 propane heaters, 2 exhaust fans, 3 air circulation fans, shade cloth, ground cloth, ground stakes, mist system, drip irrigation system, hydroponic growing system used for tomatoes, grow lights and a complete electrical system. I think he also has 200 hanging pots and some other odds and ends for potting plus some hydroponic nutes that he's going to give me if I buy it. The asking price of $2,200.00 sounds okay to me but I've never bought a greenhouse this big. I'm thinking of covering it with corrugated polycarbonate roofing if I can get a good enough deal on it. Does $2200 sound like too much? Thanks in advance.

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wetfeet101b(z9 Riverside - So Cal- USA)

I am thinking that a decent sized hydroponic kit already will cost you around $1000.00.
The bare-bones greenhouse frame that size will probably go for at least $1000.00 in the used market.

$2200.00 seems too much for just the frame. But all the extras they are throwing in makes it a great deal.

That will be a monster greenhouse though. 20'x80'? WOW!

Just make sure you have the propane heaters inspected by someone knowledgeable in those matters. You will want to address any leaks or breaches in the system before using it on your property.

The new glazing will cost you a bundle though, but do make sure you buy the best quality available. You know what they say "Buy cheap, Buy every year"

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price403(Zone 6b, WV)

Thanks for your input. I took HVAC training back in my early 20s while working for the state since it was free training and I'm pretty knowledgeable about heating repair thanks to it. About how much do you think it would cost to cover the greenhouse with plastic as opposed to corrugated polycarbonate? I can't find a supplier for either one close to WV so shipping is going to kill me if I buy the polycarbonate panels even though they're lifetime warranted.

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Surely there is a Home Depot or Lowe's in WV. I was in HD the other day and they have 8 and 12 feet polycarbonate panels (26 inches wide) in stock. Google SUNTUF. That is the brand HD carries and I recommend that brand. My Suntuf panels are over 10 years old and just now need replacing. I'll do that next Spring. I used the brand Lowe's carries (I don't recall the name) on an extension of the greenhouse and it is only 6 years old and needs replacing.

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