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someara(pacific nw)September 20, 2008

Hi Everyone,

I have been gardening in a small (10 X 6')polycarbonate kit greenhouse for a couple of years. I have a heater and programmable thermostat and am wondering what would be an ideal heating protocol (i.e. temp for day, eve, night, etc.) I am looking for a protocol that would accomodate the widest range of flowering plants. My interests are mostly in carefree varieties that we are able to grow as annuals in the PNW summer. I am hoping to be able to extend some flower gardening into the winter this year. Lighting is another issue I am working on of course. Our winters are usually mild here. If I could find a way to get my morning glories to flower during the winter, I would be in heaven. Also, any recommendations of plants/flowers that would be good for a semi-beginner greenhouse gardener would be most welcome. I am just looking to dabble and create a little garden oasis to escape to in the winter. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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As I love the Pacific NW above all other places but ended up stuck in the too cold in winter, too hot in summer miserable midwest, I'm having a difficult time trying to pity you. However, in the spirit of the goodwill we like to bring to this forum...

My winter blues lifter is a plant that is literally black thumb proof, will bloom all winter, perfume the entire GH and is happiest in cooler temps- a gardenia. The only hard part of growing one to keep in a winter GH is in fall, after it's been growing and expanding outdoors all summer, so must be trimmed back just to fit it through the GH door.

Keep a potted Gardenia damp but not wet, treat it to a wee pinch of Micacid each time you water it, remove spent blooms quickly, and it will produce dozens more of them at a time all through winter, greeting you with it's heavenly scent every time you enter your GH.

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