Malvern Hills David Austin Rose

corgitrblApril 2, 2012

Does anyone have any comments on this rose? It takes my breath away and is just what I am looking for to go up against a large fence.


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Perhaps in a harsher climate, it may remain manageable. In Valencia, CA, Zone 9b, it was an enormous plant with too little flower for the quantity of plant. It wanted to grow fifteen feet into the neighbor's white birch tree, where it would flower in long panicles of blooms which faded from the yellowish tones to white, then crisp petals which fell off quickly, all on one day. I believe it's a lot better where temps are lower, perhaps with a bit of shade from the hottest sun. It grew too well, required being a huge plant before producing much flower and was just too large for the back garden, period. In that climate, it was totally healthy, just not enough color, nor lasting enough for the mountain of plant it demanded to be. After battling it for several years, I pulled it out and sent it to the great landfill in the sky. Kim

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caldonbeck(UK (8))

It is a rambler or tall climber - it will want to get big. It is a 12 foot thing over here. I haven't grown it but have seen it at DA rose gardens. It is big there - I presume it will be bigger over there.

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MUCH bigger! Allster Stella Gray is similar to what I expected from Malvern Hills, only in a much more easily controlled plant with SIGNIFICANTLY more bloom at a much smaller size. ASG doesn't require yards of growth before it flowers. Kim

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Mine is huge but blooms reasonably well. It's only two years old and I am hoping for increased bloom as it matures. However, it does bleach in the sun.


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