Which is wider--Felicia or Ghislaine de Feligonde?

dublinbay z6 (KS)April 29, 2014

Does anybody know which is wider--Felicia or Ghislaine de Feligonde?

They will both be arriving here in the next few days and I still can't decide which one should get the wider spot and which one the less wide spot. I checked a number of sources like HMF and several of the well-known online nurseries, but very little info. is provided on width.



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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

The second is larger growing, more of a climber than the first.

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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

I think Ghislane de Feligonde would end up wider than Felicia. There are photos of people growing Felicia like a glorified Floribunda in areas with a true winter. That could also be via pruning, but the smaller shrubs of Felicia looked excellent. I've only seen Ghislane de Feligonde a few times in person, but it was large.


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Hi, Kate. Ghislane--picture her as a rambler. She can be trained up and over things so that her width, technically, is not as wide as Felicia's arching growth. But she is a bigger girl and also loves to sprawl about as other ramblers do. She can cover a chunk of fence, width-wise. Felicia has been fine for me as a climber (with training) or a medium large shrub (with heavier pruning) or she can form a large arching shrub with just tidy-up pruning. Do you plan to locate them near a fence? On an arch? Open bed? Ghislane will need support of some kind unless you want her to spill about or cascade over a wall. Does this help? Carol

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I grow both of these. Felicia is definitely more narrow and stiff and upright than Ghislaine de Feligonde. I grow Felicia in a spot where she can lean against the fence, but she hasn't availed herself of the opportunity. Ghislaine is also on a fence, the first rose on my Rambler Fence. For me, Ghislaine has been the most mannerly of ramblers, forming a large arching, trailing, mostly self-supporting plant. It is attached to the fence in one place, because it is top-heavy and was knocked down by a storm two years ago. No problem with that since then.

Be sure to put Felicia somewhere accessible so you can smell her flowers ... heavenly!


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

This has been very helpful information. Thank you, everybody.

A fence is available in the wider spot, so I guess that is the spot for Ghislaine. I don't mind if she wants to do some self-supporting stuff, but the fence is there is she needs some support. Putting her there was my original plan, but I started second-guessing myself as I waited through the winter months. Get in trouble every time I do that--think I'd learn! LOL

Felicia was intended to be a self-supporting rose--I have Buff Beauty back there as a self-supporter also, plus a couple non-rose shrubs. They are kind of a backdrop to the rest of the garden.

I'm feeling reassured now. However, I will have one hole out there -- Hortico just informed me that Boule de Neige is not available--as it was not available at the few places who listed it last fall. And I really want that one. Seems to be easily available to the English--why not to us here in the USA? Don't know what I will do about that--I'm sitting here sulking over it!

Thanks again, folks. So helpful!


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