A lovely wave of roses

mlle_melanieApril 25, 2014

I thought I would share a picture of this beautiful rose bush in my neighborhood with all you forum peeps. I think it's a miniature climbing rose, but I'm no expert. Isn't it gorgeous? Spring in New Orleans ALMOST makes up for the brutal summer to follow.

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Climbing Pinkie, I guess?

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I don't believe it's Cl. Pinkie because the flowers look as though they're quite double, which Cl. Pinkie is not. It could be one of the old ramblers which put on a huge show in the spring but are once-blooming. Since it's in your neighborhood you can check later in the year to see if it blooms again.


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That looks like a polyantha to me . I think it might be "The Fairy".

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I'll definitely keep my eye on it, and maybe get closer for a smell-test and detail pics. There are lots more roses that look like OGRs around here, too. Maybe I'll start a new thread, "Roses in my Neighborhood, for Enjoyment and Possible Identification."

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Peggy Martin?

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Melanie, beautiful pink rose, especially against the blue house. A color combo I adore. And speaking of the blue house, it looks antique (folk Victorian style?)--charming, cottage-like and positively perfect. I'll take the house and the rose. How's your garden growing this spring? :-) Carol

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mauvegirl8, it could be Peggy Martin. I've never seen that rose in person (that I know of), but I have the impression her blooms are larger than this one's. These look small to me. Carol, most of the houses in my neighborhood are old, around 100-150 years old, and almost all lovely. It oozes charm. Our front garden is coming along nicely. I just planted flowers in all the narrow beds in the back courtyard that line the perimeter last week, and today and tomorrow I'm planting a lavender hedge along the outside of our back fence. The back of our house hasn't had any TLC in a few years, so it's been fun picking things out. It's not a large space so not overwhelming either, which is nice for a newbie like me! I'm excited about the lavender, since it's the new 'phenomenal' kind that supposedly doesn't mind our humidity and rainfall. We shall see! Thanks for asking, too! I'll post pictures when things have grown in a bit more. Next I'm choosing an arbor for my new Zephirine Drouhin. Busy bee.

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Melanie, thank you for the update. What fun you must be having! Zepherine is a wonderful rose. I sent one to my mom and Zeph grew beautifully in Dallas. Mom rooted a cutting, sent it to me and Zeph is growing beautifully in my yard. Like you, I garden on a small lot. We should compare photos after the spring settles and we get some more things into the ground. You are creating a garden from scratch and I am redesigning most of mine. Enjoy your spring planting! Carol

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Thanks Carol! Good luck to you too! We should definitely compare in a couple of months, especially since our climates are so different. Though I suspect your veteran gardening skills will put mine to shame. Our easy climate makes me seem like a better gardener than I really am!

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