looking for greenhouse space to rent

subwayguyOctober 28, 2007

Hi - I was wondering if anyone has some extra greenhouse space that they might be interested in renting out to me for the winter. Right now, I have my orchids (not a very large collection at all) outside in a little portable greenhouse, and I am unfortunately unable to take the majority of them inside. I know that I've waited to the last minute to do this, as I have a bad habit of doing! Luckily, the weather here on Long Island was been much warmer than average recently. However, it will be getting colder soon, and so I don't have much time at all to do this. Preferably, I'd like to find someone in driving distance in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region, but it's not necessary because at this point I'm desperate! Thank You!!


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Jason: I know that Nero Wolf was fictional, but the concept of orchid growers maintaining GH's on rooftops in Manhattan isn't. Surely there are orchid clubs in the greater NYC area?

I would bet that if you joined such a club, you would find a number of people in your area, possibly on LI, who share your passion and would be willing to give you some winter space.

I can't help you, because for one, I'm too far and for another, don't maintain a tropical GH, but one of my neighbors has space in my temperate climate GH in which she grows veggies and in exchange, I get some of the veggies and she helps me maintain the GH. Offer to help someone maintain theirs, especially if they want to vacation, and you just might find space to share sooner then you will get your first hard frost.

Good luck!

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