jaspermplantsMay 31, 2014

I purchased Milkmaid from Vintage this past winter and planted in the ground, as band. The plant has taken off like crazy; I've never seen a band grow so quickly. It is planted near a trellis and the canes are 4 to 5 feet long. Also, there are numerous canes growing,. This is going to be a big one, that's for sure. It is funny how some roses just explode in growth and others creep along. Don't think I've planted a band that has grown this vigorous so quickly.

Any experiences with Milkmaid you'd like to share. I know it is not a common rose.

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Wow. I just about fell off my chair when I saw someone in Arizona posting about Milkmaid. This rose is very uncommon, even here is Australia.

It's my favourite Alister Clark rose, but I don't grow it because it gets massive. Really really massive. I ordered Lorraine Lee this year instead (probably his most popular rose, because it flowers in winter).

Congratulations on your purchase of a fantastic rose. I hope you get some more helpful responses.

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I bought it as well, it's still it in the pot and it's still the same size as when I got it. Please tell me the climate, soil conditions, etc...

How often does it bloom? I have 8 acres so placement isn't a problem, I have room, but it will need the right spot.

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New garden, I'm in Arizona, so very hot and dry. I planted it this winter, probably January (I'm not a very good record keeper). It is planted in my clay soil, amended with organic material. It gets morning sun and mostly afternoon shade. It bloomed this spring but none since. I think it is a once bloomer?

Hope,this helps.

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I just looked at mine and it's starting to get new growth.

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It is, apparently, a repeat flowering rose. But it may need some time to develop. One of its parents was Crepuscule, which is a prolific bloomer here, so it should show some repeat eventually. In one of our rose gardens in Victoria, Australia it gets full sun and seems to handle it fine. I think the soil there is heavily amended acidic clay. I don't know if that rose is grafted or not - but it is most likely grafted, being that it is Australia. I don't know about winter hardiness, sorry.

Fragrance is described as 'milk and honey'. It seems to be relatively prostrate in growth habit if not trained on a support, so it would be great for scrambling down a slope. It's fairly think and bushy, and will easily get to 14' high and 8' wide with support or something to climb on.

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This makes me both sad and happy at the same time. Mine was lost to the cold this winter, and I am still mourning the loss. I'm pleased to hear yours is doing so well now though! Please post pictures!


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I'm not far, once mine takes off I'll try rooting some Josh.

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

Hello. Anyone getting repeat bloom on Milkmaid? She is so vigorous and beautiful. If she doesn't repeat I just can't keep her.

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comtessedelacouche (10b S.Australia: hotdryMedclimate)

I haven't grown her, but I have only ever heard of her as being once-flowering. Alister Clark's main aim in his breeding programme was for heat-tolerance, to suit Australian conditions, so perhaps it struggles in the cold?

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

Thanks Comtesseâ¦.I found an Old Rose Advisor on GoogleBooks. It is once blooming.
I'm thinking I will send it up a treeâ¦.It's just too pretty to part with!
However, I went out today to find that it has been viciously attacked by mites! I hope I can save it. It's so vigorous surely it can fight them off but they really have damaged the plant severely.

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