Overwintering Lantana ?

ourfamilygarden(6)November 15, 2008

Hi! Has anyone ever overwintered Lantana outdoors, in Zone 6? Our temps can go down to the teens in Jan./Feb. It has gone down to 0F on rare occasions; even below 0 (that is typically with wind chill factor).

I cannot take Lantana indoors, as we have several furry family members, and I just could not take the chance (as Lantana can be lethal).

Does lantana go dormant? How can I help it to survive? I was thinking of a tunnel frame and hay mulch.


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

It isn't hardy here in Zone 8, I doubt it will make it in zone 6. Lantana does not go dormant, it is an evergreen.

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It depends om the variety. Miss Huff and the pink with cream center variety is hardy in zone 7. I see it come back year after year without protection along my chain link fence which faces east. I have some growing along the drip line of the greenhouse. Since it get lots of water from the gh run-off, I cut it back, fill up a black plastic pot with leaves and put this over the pruned stems. It comes back ever year. The yellow, red (Dallas) and purple montevidensis varieties are not hardy here.

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I think it depends on the Lantana. I have a Lantana that I beleive is Lantana 'Sunset' that I have out in my yard. It comes back every spring both from the base and on the old "wood". The guy on eBay who sold it said I should be able to grow it in Zone 7, but he doubted Zone 6. I honestly don't know of any Lantana that can handle Zone 6, but give Google a shot and see what turns up.

Mine is well mulched and sort of close to the house so I'm sure that helps. You might be able to overwinter it in your garage or greenhouse if you have one.


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Thank you all for replying!

The type I have is called "Confetti Lantana."

I had read that some do go dormant. Maybe it depends on the variety? I don't know this. It's what some have said. Maybe it depends on the zone and type?

Mine is close to the house. I would have REALLY liked to have had a greenhouse. But, I couldn't find an affordable way to do it. In my area, I was told I'd have to heat it, and that is just too expensive. :( It was what I'd REALLY wanted to do!

That's why I was hoping that, maybe, I could get some of the plants to survive with a tunnel cold frame. -sigh-

If I could think if a way to "cage" the lantana so there were no chance of it coming in contact with our furry family members, I'd give that a try. But, it would have to be some sort of full proof set up.

The one small plant I'd brought in is not doing well. I do not know why. It doesn't seem to be happy indoors. Perhaps it needs more light? I was hoping it would survive through winter in the house. I don't care if it doesn't flower, so long as it survives.

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Because I wasn't sure if my Lantana would survive winter, I took some clippings and brought them inside. They did not look very healthy...stress & not enough light lead to dropped leaves and subsequent weak growth. In the spring they recovered, but the outdoor ones quickly shot up much larger and flowered much quicker.

Do you by any chance have a garage that might stay above freezing that your little furry kids can't get to? The cool temps and maybe a fl on a timer would be enough to keep it semi-dormant and alive for spring.

Good luck!


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Hi, Don! Thanks, again, for replying! I appreciate it!

No, unfortunately, I do not have a garage :( We have a small wooden shed, but it is not attached to the house, and allows absolutely no light to get in; it pretty much gets as cold as outdoors.

It's interesting, as our temps are down to the low 30s, and it is still flowering and has berries! But, the first frost is expected to hit Tuesday evening.

Is it possible to build a small cold frame to keep them above freezing temps, for the winter? I've read about PVC piping and plastic. I've also read about putting bales of hay around. I just don't know if that would be in enough in my zone :(


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I'm not sure they will come true from seed but you could always collect some of those berries and plant them.

This is my first year with a new variety of lantana so I just took cuttings. They root real easy and are a lot easier to keep through the winter than a full plant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hay Bale Cold Frame

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As the Lantanas are hybrids they will NOT breed true. You will get all sorts of variations that depend on the properties of the Lantanas used to breed your Confetti. BTW, my Lantana Sunset is sterile. This was important to me because I didn't know if I would like it (turns out I did like it!).

Since you don't have a garage, do you have any location in your house where you could keep it cold (above freezing) and dark? You might be able to let it go dormant and return in the spring....it might be worth a shot. I realize it may be too late now as we have had some really cold weather lately. Still you might be able to try it next year if you get your hands on more of it.


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