anyone familiar w/counterflow furnace?

nancyk(6)November 28, 2010

My husband is looking for a propane heater to heat an outbuilding. This building will not be heated all the time, just when he wants to work in it. As it is 1,100 sq. ft., he believes he needs around 55,000 btu's incoming. He wants direct vent as the building is very tight. After perusing this forum, I saw that Empire had a good reputation so we ordered an Empire dv-55e from a local dealer. He came back a day later and told us he had given us the price for the Empire dv-55 and needed an extra $1,000 for the dv-55e. Needless to say, we will not order through this person. We spoke with our local gas company who we then placed the order with and the man mentioned he had a Cozy heater in stock, it was 65,000 btu's and a counterflow. He said the counterflows are easier to work on than the more sophisticated Empire dv-55e, which has a motherboard. Now we are wondering if we perhaps should get a counterflow, and if we do get a counterflow heater should we get a proven brand name such as Empire. This outbuilding is used to do woodoworking and there will be dust.


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No need for an answer. We just purchased an Empire dv-55e, which is not a counterflow.


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