Carport frame. greenhouse.

patecake(7)November 9, 2008

I live in central Texas, so my winters are not bad. I have a 10X20 carport frame that I want to turn into a greenhouse. 1 and 1/2" metal tube frame. What is the best way to attach wood to the frame? I want to put polycarb sheets on top and do the sides in plastic.

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My mother had one of those cloth covered carports. The wind finally ripped it to pieces one night. I put poly carb on the top. I used 3 inch self-tapping, hex head screws with neoprene washers to face "or scab-over" the top of the metal tubing with 2 x 4 with the wide side facing out. In between a 2 x 4 was added so the 26" polycarb had a place to overlap and to be attached. You will need to make adjustments since you will be doing sides.

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I didn't think about drilling thru the wood and into the metal tube. I was trying to figure out how to clamp it from below the tube to the wood on top. Thank you!

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My hubby is in the process of converting a carport frame into my greenhouse. I have taken a few pictures and added them to my website. I hope they help!!

You will have to scroll down towards the bottom. The top is mostly my garden stuff :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Converting a carport frame.

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Great pictures! Thank you! I would love to see more pictures as it goes along. Very helpful for me.

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I just wanted to let you know that I've updated the pictures on the carport greenhouse! It's coming along GREAT!! Hopefully I'll have more pictures up tomorrow (11/29/08)! We hope to start moving into the greenhouse by then!!!

I hope you are having luck with your carport. Let me know if you have any questions :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Updated - Converting a carport frame!

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I got mine almost finished! The plants and birds are moved in. I'm not to good at adding pictures, so I hope this works! I have polycarb panels on top, windows on the walls and hardy board on the bottom part. I still have some trim work to do and some shelfs to build. Right now, everything is just crammed in there. I am happy with it so far!

Here is a link that might be useful: greenhouse

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Nell Jean

Neat greenhouses, Patecake and Angelia.

I have a question that I didn't see addressed in either of your sites. It isn't mentioned how you anchored the greenhouse frame to the ground. Are the carport frames already securely anchored? That seemed to be a major concern of all who put together kit greenhouses.

Patecake, how do you assure that the birds have an even temperature night and day?


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I have 4X4 post concreted in the ground and the metal frame is attached to those. I have 3 heaters in there with the thermostats set to 65. If it gets cooler than that, they will automatically turn on. I check the weather before I leave for work, if it is going to be warmer than 50, I drop the heater settings down and open a couple of windows and the vents. The birds can handle being cold a lot better than being too hot. They have built in "down" coats! Hubby comes home and checks them at lunch time, then I am usually home by 3 or 4. I am in central Texas, so winter weather is not really bad. The birds do not really need an even temp. Just like wild birds in your yard, they can handle cold and rain, etc... as long as they have a place to shelter.

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Mine isn't finished yet but here is the progress as of today. The posts on mine are all concreted in the ground and so are the 4x4 door posts. Still have a ways to go.

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That will give you lots of room. But you will be surprised how fast you can fill it up. Keep the pictures coming. I have 4 GH's and want more but nowhere to put them. I'm making some changes in my shelves so I will have more places to start my seed in about a month.

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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Hi Patecake,
I just had to comment about your wonderful birds. It brought back happy memories of my parrot I had A Mexican redhead his name was Oscar. I just loved how they liked the bath tub. LOL That is so neat! It was neat to see the baby grow up too. What a cool idea to keep them outside. They are messy LOL. I have two conures now. I miss oscar though...Thank you for happy memories....I love your new gh keep on building....Smile Barb

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Angelialyn in her web site thinks that people cleaned out her corn. I might have been raccoons. If you've got deer, you've probably got raccoons.

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Here is one that I built. You can check out my flickr account for more pics.

This was a pretty big project for myself. I had very limited resources: money and help, so this greenhouse took over 4 months to construct. Im the type to either do it right the first time, or not at all. All of my plans didnt go 100% according to plan, but in the end, I think it doesnt look too bad and everything seems to be doing well.

Im still not complete with the greenhouse. I installed a misting system for the extreme Florida Summer Heat, but I dont have a good incremental hose timer for all of my functions. I found a cool, looking solar powered host timer with incremental functions, and I will purchase this will i acquire more funds :( (50$)

I still need to get some plywood, or something, to enclose the sides (from the bottom of the greenhouse - to about half way - where it meets the screen. I used the rest of my weed cloth for the mean time in some sections.

After looking at the pics, I dont really have an overall outside view of this greenhouse. This is probably b/c of the construction mess I created for about 3 months, then I cleaned it up towards the end. I will take on this weekend and post it on my flickr account - with my weekend update pics :)

Let me know that you all think. Comments/Suggestions :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Flickr Account ...more pics here of carport greenhouse

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