Solar pool covers in subtropical climate?

ykerzner(9 TX)November 10, 2011

I'm looking into using SPCs to insulate my greenhouse but am concerned about heat swings. In zone 9, cold fronts come for a few days, then leave, and the temperature goes back up to the mid-70s or upper-60s. If I were to cover a 32x12 greenhouse with a solar pool cover, would that cause problems when the outside temperature reaches 80 with 60% humidity?

Also, can someone provide the link for the Solar Pool Cover Makes a Great Sail thread, please?

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stressbaby(z6 MO)


I started the "Sail" thread but both site search and Google search aren't finding it. I wonder if GW deletes content after a certain period of time.

Try these:

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ykerzner(9 TX)

Stressbaby - do you ever open any vents in the winter? Wouldn't a lack of carbon dioxide be a problem if the vents are kept closed for 4-6 straight months at a time?

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