Riga Base Frame Question

Julia NY(6)November 16, 2011

If we plan to use 6 x 6 timbers for the base with tie downs/ anchors, would we still need the base frame that Riga sells separately? Is there something special about the base frame that it really should be used versus just setting the frame on the 6 x 6 timber frame?


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Having the base will do two things that immediately come to mind. It will allow you to bury your timbers farther while keeping the polycarbonate above ground, and for any portion of the base above ground, it will raise your interior height in the greenhouse.

The height will allow for more growing space, but it will also mean more air that needs to be heated. Obviously in the summer this will not be an issue, but if you plan on heating your GH in the winter, it will cost more.

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karin_mt(4 MT)

Hi Julia,

With ours the frame is flush with the ground level, so we did not add any height with the base kit. I like the base kit because it creates a reassuringly solid connection between greenhouse and ground, but I suppose there are other ways to achieve that. The shape of the base has ridges that I think are meant to help it "lock" into the ground - sort of like a ledge at the bottom that when buried makes it hold tight to the ground.

That said, I suppose it could be built without the base but my thought is that if it was designed to work with the base kit, why not go with that? I understand it adds more money to the overall price, but if you are looking at a Riga you are already getting ready to spend a lot - in return for a very solid structure!

What size are you thinking of?

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Julia NY(6)

Joe: Good point about the height as a few more inches is always good.

Karin: I'm not sure which way we will go but if it is overkill on the base structure, why bother? I also need to research the whole pressure treated lumber near planting beds as I wanted planting beds inside, in the soil on both sides and don't want anything leaching into the soil.

What I am aiming for is either the IV or V. But I'm finding it difficult to get a true comparison on pricing since some sites don't list the IV or V, but just Deluxe, XL or Grand or just says Riga and when you read what is included, they say only 1 roof window and others say 2. Other sites will list the IV or V models. So if anybody has any advice, I'd welcome it.

The last issue with the base frame is I noticed while watching the YouTube video on the base frame build and noticed that there appears to be a gap in the corners when he placed the corner brackets in. Maybe it was just for show, but did anybody see gaps when you built the base frame? I'd hate to think some little field mouse or snake making itself a nest in the greenhouse.

Another question I had for Riga owners is the warranty. I know it is a good long term one but exactly what does it cover as far as the polycarbonate? Yellowing, hailstorms or what?

Thanks all. Appreciate the help.


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karin_mt(4 MT)


Personally, I'd lean away from using the wood base instead of the Riga base kit. You make a good point about pressure treated lumber, which for me would be a dealbreaker (but that's just me - I grow food plants right up against the edges of the greenhouse). If you didn't use pressure treated lumber, then you'd be using cedar or something like that, which lasts maybe 10 years buried in the ground and your greenhouse will last a lot longer than that. For longer lasting wood you could use ipe but that would cost more than the base kit.

The frame doesn't have any gaps in it, at least not big enough for a mouse or a snake.

The warranty does not cover hail, but your homeowner's insurance covers that. I am not certain but I would guess the warranty would protect against cracking or really bad, premature yellowing. They will all yellow a bit with time.

As for price comparisons, you are correct that the various vendors make it tricky to compare. One strategy would be to decide what you want, then price that option at each store. I think 2 roof windows is a very good idea for the Riga IV and you could do 2 or 3 for the Riga V. I don't know the translation of "grand" vs IV or V, but you can figure that out by looking at the dimensions. Of course shipping is a big factor too. I think the comparison shopping will get easier as you narrow down what setup you want.

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I just bought and completed a Riga V build. We purchased from the greenhousemegastore.com. They matched to the best price I could find and I received great service from them. Like Karin said the base is extra cost but adds a very secure foundation frame. Unless you want more height I would advise using the base frame. It locks into the ground like a clamp. When comparing the models ignore the titles and use the size and dimensions to compare models. Different websites love to rename them. The Riga V comes with four automatic window vents as standard equipment while the Riga IV comes with two.

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Julia NY(6)

gwrace: I've seen MegaGH online but the one that matched the size of Riga V, which I think is what MegaGH calls Riga Grand, says it only has 2 roof vents. Maybe I've got the wrong model. But it did say it was the 9' 8" W x 17' 2" L x 6' 11" H. Is that what you got?

karin: All the sites I've check are free shipping which I think is already built into the pricing. I do have a phobia about snakes and mice and I live in the country LOL.Nothing worse than pulling back a tarp and finding a couple of snakes under it.

Thanks everyone for helping me with all these questions I have.


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The Riga Grand is the Riga V and comes with 4 auto roof vents. That is the one I have. I received great service from that company so much so that I went back to order more accessories and supplies.

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Julia NY(6)

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I've order supplies from MegaGH Store and they are always prompt and good customer service. Good to know they also do well on GH's .


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