Differnet type of green House

fespoNovember 30, 2010

Hello every. First time post on the green house, long time poster on Garden web. So here is my first question. Has anyone heard of this type of green house?


I found a used one for sale and I was going to look at it this weekend if they still have it. I just never heard of this one or if they are anygood. Any help would be great. Thanks Frank

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

For the price they are asking for a new one, I would pass and put up a much larger tunnel for a fraction of the price. Never heard of them.


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Looks way out on price to me.
. "Our small greenhouses are made up of millions of chopped greenhouse quality fibers of fiberglass bond together with a special hot resin mix to cause the solar prism to reflect all available light"
I thought that you wanted the light to go through, not reflect.

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I would never pay this amout of money for that size greenhouse. I am going to look at a USED one. I was just check to see if anyone heard of these or has used one. Thanks Frank

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I would like to hear some comments on the height of the green house. Is going to be made of wood and I was thinking to do it around 12 feet high in the center ! Some advice on this, will be appreciated.

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Dan Staley

I have a buddy that has a similar one. There are no shadows and the heat retention is OK, pretty hot in summer but shade cloth keeps it down, they are fairly happy with it, ventilation on theirs might be a tad low. My comment would be since you didn't give price that I wouldn't pay too much for it.


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