Is this a good greenhouse to use?

briana_2006November 12, 2011

Hello All -

Anybody have experience with this greenhouse?

I would like to set this up in an unfinished basement -- securing it to the rafters.

I would like to use a hole punch to make 2 small holes in the roof in order to drop a cord through it so I can place a 1000W metal halide light inside.

I am thinking to use 2 of the side vents to direct ductwork from the metal halide light to the outside of the greenhouse (if leaving it inside would generate too much heat).

I would also put a small humidifier in there to increase humidity for tropical plants.

If needed I would also put a small heater.

I would secure the four corners by putting heavy objects on them on the basement floor.

Does this plan seem feasible to keep tropicals?

I would like to maintain humidity ~ 80%.

I would also put a small desk fan in to circulate the air.

Thanks for any advice.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

The heat generated by a 1000wt MH is extensive even if vented to the outside. I would be very concerned about it damaging the thin plastic of that greenhouse. Fluorescent fixtures, sure. MH I think not.

You can run the cord in under the bottom flap so no need to make holes and in that small a space sufficient evaporating humidity can be maintained with trays of water.



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How much fluorescent lighting would I need to support a plant in there -- I have a 4 foot shoplight that runs 3 t8 bulbs.

Would t8's work or would I need to go to high output t5's?
How many t5s?

Since I dont have a bench (or rack) in there that is why I wanted to punch a hole in the top. Since the metal halide would generate too much heat I would still need to punch a hole for the fluorescent fixture -- since I need to hang from the rafters.

Also, since you did not mention otherwise I assume the greenhouse itself is of good quality?

Thanks for your help.

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