a fix for the hfgh yellowing deteriorating panel problem

original_crawdaddy(8a)November 2, 2011

i am uploading a video to my youtube account right now, i will post a link when it is up. but i'm pretty sure i have a real fix for the lack of uv protection for the HFGH. it's a paint and total for painting all the panels should be about 90 dollars. it is called krylon fusion clear. it is not really clear it is coming out more like frosted glass, but isn't diffused light good for plants??? LOL.

anyway, time will tell how it holds up, but it should be pretty good.

after i have the video up, look in the more info section under the video for links to mudhouse's blog on strengthening and reinforcing the HFGH.

thanks to everybody who has contributed on this subject so far.

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here is the link for the video. and remember the links are in the info box just under the video.


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WE HAVE A WINNER. after prepping the entire panel and a full spray of 2 coats it came back clear.

check it out


hello, is anybody out there? are you getting this? is this of any benefit to anybody?

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Thanks for your updates. It seems the Krylon product can be added to polycarbonate with only some added light diffusion, at least initially. The questions now include: does the Krylon harm the polycarbonate over time? Does the Krylon actually add UV protection? What effect does the Krylon have on total light and PAR entering the greenhouse? It would be useful to not spray two panels, one on each side of the greenhouse, and compare them to the treated ones after a year. Keep us informed of your results.

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thanks for the reply,
according to krylon this paint does have uv protection, but of course i have no way of testing that. i will do an update video when i have all the panels painted so we can have a record of just how many cans it takes, and in the video i will document if there is any variance in frosting. and then of course the final vid (be nice when i can do that one) of the assembled GH. as to the other questions, good questions, but ya got me. and i will try to do periodic updates. thanks.

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greenhouser(Middle TN Zone 6)

My HF had the protected panels. They had one side that had to be installed facing out. When I sold the GH a few years later, the panels still looked brand new. I suppose some had the protection and others did not?

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Mine are five or six years old and still look brand new too. Might even be seven years. I can't remember.

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