A peek inside my greenhouse

qrper(5)November 29, 2010

It's getting cold outside so I thought some photos of green things growing might be in order.

Green onions, bibb lettuce, white radish, and some carrots

Green beans growing along the east wall

Some cabbage in a big pot



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karin_mt(4 MT)

Thanks Mike!
Your photos hit the spot, providing a lovely touch of color in our snow-filled world. I like all the bright colors you've got going, it looks super cheerful.

The trays that the veggies are growing in look interesting. Did you make those or purchase them? Will you leave the plants to grow in those trays or do you intend to plant them into another location?

Where are you located? Looks like you've still got some green grass outside.

Very nice, thanks for sharing. It's really fun to see inside other people's greenhouses. :)


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Glad you liked the photos

I'm in ohio. Yes, still a bit of green outside, but it is cold.

The grow bins I show how to do those here. They are cement mixing tubs from home depot in a home made rack.

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