sammy zone 7 TulsaMay 6, 2011

Do you grow Erfurt? I used to have it on my hillside, but it became so tangled in poison ivy that we tore it out. Now I have a new one, and would like to know what your experience is with size and shape.

HMF has some pictures, and it looks like it is standing with support. I know mine was free standing, and was a little larger than what I saw.

It is delicate and beautiful, and I hope to plant it today.


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jim_w_ny(Zone 5a)

It's a rose I'm interested in.

One of the difficulties in choosing a rose is what is the shape of the bush. One place to look is on Vintage's site where they show sillouettes sp? of a rose bush's shape.

Another part of that same problem is to find a picture of the rose in bloom not just one of the flower. How many times have you seen a picture of the most beautiful rose only to find it nof normally that way.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Thanks Jim. I tried Vintage and they don't have it, so I looked at ATE where I bought it, but they only said 5-6 feet. I will just go with it -- knowing I can move it if I need to. I thought I would at least share my older picture since I brought up the subject.

I am anxious to plant my new one in a more visible location.


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This rose has been struggling for me. It seems more susceptible to blackspot than most of my other roses. I have given it plenty of alpaca manure this year, and I am hoping that will help it grow. I believe that it was starved, and because of that, weakened. The blackspot experts here are probably laughing at my logic right now, but, I will try this experiment.


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elks(US5 Can6)

I have been growing it in the Great Lakes area for about 14 years. It is a favourite of mine. This year, I didn't have to prune it back to the ground and have some 4' canes. It grows to about 5.5' tall, but has greater girth, to maybe 10'. It blooms and reblooms. I typically get 3 flushes. It has lovely, almost single, scented blooms, rather like Escapade by which it is planted. Highly recommended.


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jim_w_ny(Zone 5a)


Glad to read of your endorsement for Erfurt. It doesn't take much encouregment for me to go for a Kordes rose. My favorites. Then I see it was introduced in 1939 another sign of a good rose if it lasted that long....and Pickering carries it, another sign. They are the best.

Oh yes what does that % sign on your sign in mean? Along cith the 2C. Probably a zone thing for Centigrade?

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Robert if you're not having any luck with Erfurt up there I sure won't down in coastal Tidewater down by NC.

I dunno what hmf says, but I suspect this rose really likes a nice winter dormancy period and doesn't much care for a long hot humid growing season.

I'm making do with Escapade but would really love to have Erfurt!

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elks(US5 Can6)

I even think I bought Erfurt from Pickering.

The %2 is some artifact that happens because my computer has a Japanese language program on it. Don't understand why it's there or what to do about it. I'm glad you mentioned it though because I thought it was only seen on this computer. Hmm... Guess I'll have to sort it out now.


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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Steve, why don't you check your settings, and see if you have a default for "plain text"? I just looked for it, and cannot find it, but I do think I have been told in the past that the plain text sends the message so it can be read by most computers. (Maybe this is just in email.)

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