Corrugated clear plastic/polycarbonate panels?????

fortisi876(Z6NJ)November 15, 2010

Hello all!

I'm looking to source some corrugated clear plastic panels, anyone know where they sell some?

I just built a shed and would like to use this stuff for the most upper part of the gable peak to bring in some daylight.

Thanks in advance!

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I think Home Depot has one called Suntuf.

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I would think any lumber yard that sells to rural areas would have clear plastic corrugated panels for pole barns. I know mine does.


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Lowes sells Tuftex, corrugated polycarbonate panels, in their roofing department. This will be my greenhouse roof, come springtime.


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Thanks for all the replies folks, I opted to just close up the gables with the siding for now. The stuff recommended above I was already aware of, that's more of a roofing product, the stuff I was looking for is the panels they use on the side of those plastic paneled greenhouses.
Click below for pic....

Here is a link that might be useful:

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We bought polycarbonate panels .24 inch thick, forget what dimensions but somewhat like a plywood sheet. Then we cut it to use for walls in our sun porch, and clerestory windows in our northside closet and tub bumpout. Not corrugated. No UV filtering. No coloration.

We found it at a local plastics dealer. The one in Mobile is called Ala-Fla Plastics, but some similar suppliers are probably all over the country.

Just run a quick search on POLYCARBONATE SHEETS or POLYCARBONATE PANELS, and choose the one in your area that you are familiar with.

Pay particular attention to expansion requirements with larger sized panels.

In this photo, the upper panels are about 2 x 6 feet and the lowers are about 2 x 2...

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Your picture +looks more like double walled polycarb rather than corrugated. Corrugated has a "roofing" type wave. Your picture looks like it is flat. Call CASSCO in Montgomery, Alabama @ 1.800.962.1922. They may be able to help you locate someone in Jersey. Also, Palram is the Suntuf company. If you are going to use the real corrugated polycarb, I suggest the Palram Suntuf product. The make a polycarb ridge cap which will cover the ridge at the top of the roof. Tuftex does not have the ridge cap. The two products are a different profile and the Suntuf ridge cap will not fit the Tuftex panels.

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Thank you for all the additional posts/info, since the weather was getting cold I decided to just cover the gables with the side paneling for now. I'll look into picking something up in the spring. Thnx again folks, can always rely on the G.W. to get some answers!!!

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