Buff Beauty color

toriree(5)May 17, 2011

Can anyone tell me why my Buff Beauty has decided to wane in color? When I first planted it about 5 years ago the blooms were the beautiful apricot color I was expecting, but last year and now again this year the color is more an off white/cream color.

Quite honestly I have never been any good at growing roses, but this one is so important, I want some advice.

Food? What kind?

Soil? what do I add?

Pruning? When is good and when is bad.

Thanks to whomever can help me out!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Are you having a sunnier, drier spring than normal? That will fade BB's flowers quickly.

We would look to the foliage color first for problems with soil and nutrition. How is the foliage looking?

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It fades in the hot sun, but I don't imagine that is a problem this early in the season.

Agree with HoovB. Is the color of the leaves a good green?


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Campanula UK Z8

yep, mine is the same.....after a three month long, uncharacteristically hot and dry spring. BB's colours do change throughout the season though.

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