Building 1st small greenhouse

jkbonsaiDecember 5, 2010

I have always had the desire to build and maintain a greenhouse cheaply. Recently I purchased 5 pre-made trellis @ $6.00 each Clearance section at Home Depot and screwed them together. 2 panels in the back 1 in the middle and 1 on each end. I created 2 doors for the front.Each trellis has 32 square holes.Then I ripped down 8 cedar fence boards $1.69 a board to 1/2" x 1/2" x 72" strips and created shelf's at different height's and width's on the right and left side. I now wrapped the frame with 6 ml plastic sheeting 10'x 25' 250 s f@ $45.00. I used the left over 1/4"x 1/2"x 72" strips from fencing to secure plastic to the frame it also gave me that wood frame effect on the outside.

I proceeded to add a heater from Wal-Mart $15.00 it has a built in thermostat and a warm mist Humidifier from CVS $16.93 with a 1 gallon reservoir and a oscillating fan $15.00 . I also added 1 24" fluorescent fixture $9.99 @ HD and a plant and aquarium bulb $8.99 @ HD and 1 timer 24HR by Westinghouse that has 15 minuet interval ( all ready had this timer) and 1 outdoor timer 1/2 hr intervals. I cut a hole on the middle bottom 6"x6" of the greenhouse and cut 6"x6" hole on the left top middle added a flap vent to each hole $4.99 each @ Dixie Lumber.

Once everything was up and running my inside temps averaged 75 Deg and my R/H is 65%, lighting was on for 15hrs. Started to add the plants I already had, Phalaenopsis and Tillandsia Bromelaids and Plumeria. Current temps at my location No. San Diego County have been 60's highs and 35 deg lows and the greenhouse is keeping a tropical climate perfect

Wow what a difference in my plant growth, re spiking adding new pup's, Plumeria are budding from multi Nodes. My biggest problem in I want to keep looking inside all the time to see whats new. I have never had luck in keeping the Tillandsia alive and now i am seeing new root growth and new pup's popping out everywhere. My Phalaenopsis have never re flowered on same spike and now they are popping out on 3 nodes. Just can't wait to add more plants. I will try and add Pic's later for your comments.

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eaglesgarden(6b - se PA)

pics please...

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redlinenikolas(Sunset 11)

Pics please... :-)

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