Ethel Yount's White

nastarana(5a)May 5, 2014

Rose Petals Nursery has an interesting collection of found roses. Among them is Ethel Yount's White, identified by Malcome Manners as an alba. It is not listed on HMF.

Has anyone here grown Ethel Yount's White or know anything about it.

For whatever reason, HMF is not letting me post links.

They also list both Benny Lopez and Pulich Children, both of those not currently available, but maybe in years to come those will be offered also.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

It's very probable that they obtained Benny Lopez and Pulich Children from the Sacramento City Cemetery. They certainly saw those roses there. But they wouldn't have them ready to sell yet. Not enough time.

The Cemetery has given a number of rare cultivars to Dr. Manners, and I expect you folks on the East Coast will have an opportunity to get them before too long.


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fogrose(zone 10/sunset 17)

Anita Clevenger from the Sacramento Cemetery posted on the rose forum recently about bringing Benny Lopez to Dr. Manners. Glad she also brought Pulich Children. Both are wonderful roses.


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That is good news indeed that we also might get a crack at growing some of the wondrous CA found roses.

I take it the "Ethel Yount's White" was not found on the West Coast?

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"Ethel Yount's White" was my grandmother's rose. It grew on her dairy farm in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, at least by the early 1930s. It is very similar to 'Semiplena', and may actually be that rose, except that in more than 20 years of growing them here in Lakeland, 'Semiplena' flowered most years, whereas we have never had a single flower on Ethel Yount's White. On the other hand, we've tried to distribute it far and wide to areas that get more winter chill, and it flowers well in climates that get a bit more winter than we.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of Ethel in NYC

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fogrose(zone 10/sunset 17)

That's a beautiful rose Malcolm. I plan to order it. I'm currently growing some other Albas like Sappho, Maxima, Blush Hip and Felicite Parmentier so hopefully my winter chill will be enough for it.


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Ethel does look a lot like Semiplena in your pictures, Mr. Manners..

Maybe a sport or a seedling? I just ordered it. I need a new semiplena, the one I have now being not likely to recover from wabbit damage, so maybe I can grow them together.,

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