Making greenhouse shelving

misspDecember 31, 2006

Has anyone made their own staired shelving for their greenhouse? I just purchased my first greenhouse for my orchids and I want staired shelving for the least cost. If anyone has suggestions on materials or ways to approach this I would love to hear it! Thanks a bunch!

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nathanhurst(VIC Aust)

I built my own shelving using 1 inch square tubing and weld-mesh and welded it all together. It took me an afternoon and I could make the shelves exactly how I wanted them.

Stick(arc) welding is very straightforward - find someone who has the equipment and is willing to give you some quick lessons. My local steel supplier has offcuts cheap, you just have to ask.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Rot resistant wood can also be an attractive option if your orchids are in small pots like most orchids and not in need of huge containers. there are infinitely many ways to build stair shelving, if you have some specs I'm sure someone on here would sketch you out some plans for free, I will for you if I can get my camera working, or they can be ghetto ma paint shetches if I don't.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

If you have a small greenhouse, I don't think you can beat this green shelving from Farmtek. You don't have to put them up in a configuration like it shows. If you want staged benching, you can set some of them up shorter and put them in front of the other ones, make them taller, shorter, run a board or pipe between two units and hang baskets, etc. Leave a shelf and brace out of the center of one of the shelves and you've made a "playpen" for tall topheavy plants that fall over easy. And as long as you put them together with a rubber mallet (gently) and put them on a level surface, they are remarkably stable. In my greenhouse with a pea gravel floor, I put boards under them to stabilize. But outside on concrete, they are so stable. They also hook together and are even more stable when bolted together. You can set them up real high too and they can take that. I have them set up 6 shelves high on the south back wall of my larger greenhouse against the polycarb to kick up small seedlings faster and they do fine that way too.
It seems like an investment at first, but I think eventually I've bought about 20 of these units, and I still want more of them. I now want them in my basement growing area and to just store junk on.
They should pay me for this! but when I accidentally find something that works well, I think everyone should know.

Here is a link that might be useful: greenhouse shelf unit

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Just use cinder blocks (about $2.00 ea) and some 2x4's.
It's cheap, sturdy & movable. You can build a bench in about 5 minutes.


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Thanks for the inspiration. Last weekend, I built an 8' x 2' shelf from scrap 2x2 lumber I had laying around. It is half filled, already!

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ninjabut(USDA z 8,CA)

I have a variety of shelves in my 6x8 HFGH.
I had purchased some shutter type closet doors (used) that were too tall for the closet I wanted to use them on. so I used cinder blocks to seperate them. The slats provide drainage.
I also checked behind a local store that was remodeling and got alot of metal racks they were discarding.

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