HFGH 10 X 12 ordered

ron62(7)December 11, 2009

With $200 coupon in hand I went to HF today to purchase a 10 X 12' greenhouse. None in stock anywhere in the area. Guess I'll have time to read all of the great instructions complete with photo's posted by mudhouse while I wait on next week's delivery. I also noticed that others had added numerous comments and advice/personal experience's which will prove invaluable. I've downloaded them all and will have the laptop close as I start to assemble.

Tomorrow I'll try to figure out where to start on the foundation.

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I had a pleasant suprise this morning-folks from HF called and said they had my greenhouse ready for pickup. When I got there to pick it up the manager said that the salesperson who took my order hadn't known how to check the other stores in DFW.
I got it unpacked and will inventory everything tomorrow. I dug the assembly instructions out and noticed that they're only 20 pages. Maybe they've updated them/maybe not. Time will tell.

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Steven Laurin & Company

Best of luck assembling your new greenhouse Ron - bet you're really excited. Early Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah present?

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Been wanting one for a while and after my wife commented on all of the plants seeking winter refuge on the back porch I thought the time was right. The $200 off coupon sure helped sell the idea. I've got a couple of days that I'll have to spend in the shop finishing up some Christmas gifts then I can get started. Can't wait. I'll try to keep the camera handy.

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I took an inventory of the greenhouse boxes (3) today and counted all of the aluminum pieces and the transparent panels. Everything was there plus an extra #16, #17, 4- #78's, and a small extra hardware bag. Thank goodness.
Made a quick trip to Lowe's for some pressure treated 4X4's and a roll of foam seal insulation. Layed out the foundation lines and used the Mantis tiller to dig the ditches. To be continued tomorrow.

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Congratulations on your purchase, and congrats also on no missing parts! :-)

In addition to my blog, here are more links to great HFGH threads and photos that others have been kind enough to post here on GardenWeb. This is just a sampling, as you may have found...tons of great reading here by using the search feature in this forum.

Gardenerwantabe's thread on HFGH modifications:
A Guide to the Modifications of 10x12 HFGH
...and a link to his photos:
Gardenerwantabe's HFGH photos

Laserfan's thread, with links to his photos:
HFGH 10x12 Lessons Learned

Oraylawson's thread, with links to his photos:
10x12 HFGH

Troykd's site:
Building our Greenhouse, an Adventure in Pain

FoxesearthÂs blog:
HF Greenhouse in Progress

Joe Urda's site:
Harbor Freight Greenhouse

Web4debÂs site (astonishing what a technologically gifted person can accomplish!)
Building the Harbor Freight 10x12 Greenhouse

(Side note to Amigatec: the link on your site for your HFGH info doesn't seem to be working...if there's an updated URL, just let me know!)

Best of luck Ron, happy building!

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mudhouse-Thanks for the words of encouragement.I've copied each page of your great instructions. The pictures are most helpful. I've been mentally building this GH and find myself constantly referring back to your instructions and Ray's suggestions. I've read everything I can find on this site about the HF kit.
Physically I've started on the foundation and should be done with it tomorrow.

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Progress continues in spite of distasteful weather. Frame is up and modifications are in progress. If I would have had to depend on the HF instructions by themselves I'd be a raving lunatic by now. Thanks to those who posted their techniques and tips it was "almost" a piece of cake.
I'm taping all of the panels top and bottom with foil tape and have the self-stick weather stripping on order (about 600' by my calculations). Thankfully I can do those in a warm shop.

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Family health (Mom needed a pacemaker and a couple of stints) has had my undivided attention for the past 3 weeks but she's recovering very well. I still need to finish taping all of the panels and finish up some modifications. I ordered a box (96 rolls) of 1/4" self-adhesive weatherstripping off eBay and received that along with the extra bag of panel clips from HF. Now if I can get a few days of tolerable weather I can get back to finishing this project.

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Glad to hear your Mom is OK. Here is a link to my HFGH build. I'm almost finished(4 months)getting ready for plants. If you get snow in your area you might want check out the snow roof mods.

Good luck and keep plugging along:-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Mike's HFGH

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

Me likes that polcat setup.


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Thanks Mike. While we don't get that much snow regularly there is enough threat of snow and freezing rain that I intend to beef up the roof sections. You've given me some good ideas.

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This is my first post but I already feel a part of the group. I accidentally discovered the first of many of the threads here on the HF 10 x 12 GH and it changed my life. ;) My jaw dropped that such an animal existed at such a cost. The HEIGHT of this model is a big part of its appeal. It FEELS like a normal greenhouse and offers even more room for plants than most home greenhouses of the same footprint. We bought one last fall ($599 minus 20% coupon $480--couldn't beat it with a stick) intending to erect it then, but other forces delayed us. We are about to install it in the next few weeks.

Most of the threads on this model are older. This is the only recent one I have found. I wonder what modifications have been made by HF itself...to the materials and instructions. I hope that we have an easier time than many due to the trail being blazed by so many sharing gardeners before us, but are intrepid fixers and DIYers and are not easily daunted. Problem-solving is my specialty.

One of the things that has slowed our installation...other, than say WINTER here in the northeast is disagreements as to where to locate it. I want it to adjoin the house. I had one spot I always intended to use. Now others are being considered. I have a long south-facing side with several options but pros and cons to each. Another consideration is heat. We heat for most of the winter with wood chips. Not pellets and not cord wood...it is an odd set-up that gives us a lot of unused heat that we can now harness for the greenhouse. Some of the proposed locations make heating it easier but complicate heating the house. It's a process to weight out all the pros and cons. With that in mind, we are already considering a second greenhouse and are calculating that possibility into our siting plans. A couple of questions in that regard:

Has anyone here done that? If we do, the roof lines would be joined in a W pattern. It would ultimately be a 20 x 12 greenhouse, not a 10 x 24. Plenty of commercial greenhouses in our climate to that. They appear to have a very hefty interior gutter and downspout that controls the rain and snow run-off.

A huge thank you to those who have shared and documented in such vivid detail your frustrations and triumphs. I am indebted to you for all you have posted already and I hope to be able to share back in the near future.

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