Big Thornless Rebloomers to replace a Ginormous Multiflora

kristimamaMay 17, 2011

I have a Multiflora (didn't know that's what it is until a couple days ago) in a corner of my yard by my veggie garden. I want to remove it and (hopefully) replant other roses there to fill the void and restore the privacy shield it gives us. (All these years before I got into roses I thought it was "pretty" and wild. HAH!)

It's the only place in the yard I can really let a rose grow with reckless abandon in all directions, but I still prefer it be thornless or mostly thornless (my kids crawl around there as a fort).

There are a few roses I've already decided I like the look of, and wondering how these, or others, might do in this spot. Full sun all day. East Bay, by Walnut Creek. Little or no water once established. Prefer little or no pruning or deadheading needed, too. I would love something to fill the fence up and spread around and go over, if possible.

And if possible I'd love a thornless rebloomer, which is why this list is so short. Am I missing any good choices?

--Climbing Pinkie

--Peggy Martin

--Buff Beauty

--Mrs. Dudley Cross



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Take Buff Beauty off your list. It is a magnificent rose and I love it, but it is far from thornless and the repeat bloom is very moderate.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Look at a Cl Tea or Noisette. 'Crepuscule' has very few prickles. How is 'Rêve d'Or' on prickles?

Not 'Madame Alfred Carriere', though. MAC has very few prickles but the backs of the leaves have nasty skin-slicing hooks.

'Renae' has no thorns and a wonderful sweet, sweet fragrance, but may not be large enough for your needs.

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Renae grew easily fifteen feet up into the trees over the lunch area at Sequoia Nursery. How large do you want the thing to be? My Annie Laurie McDowell is totally prickle free, flowers all the time, is pretty shade tolerant as well as basks in the sun, and has been reported to be very healthy from all over. I know here in Encino and in Valencia as well as around San Jose she is totally healthy. She never showed any issues in Visalia, either. She is seed sterile so no dead heading is required. The stems and flowers dry and fall off or can be encouraged with a stream of water from the hose. I love how she flowers along the ends of the canes as you expect a Hybrid Musk (Hybrid Multiflora) to.

It can take her a little while to throw large climbing canes because, like Rosarium Uetersen and some others, she would rather flower than grow. Keeping the buds pinched off her until she begins throwing the growth you want can "encourage her" to grow and develop faster. She is as versatile as Renae, but with more of a Grandmother's Hat look to her. She's available own root from Burlington and no, I don't get paid any royalties from her sales (though I wish I did!). It's rather exciting finding photos of her growing in Germany and The Netherlands on HMF.

If this isn't large enough for you, consider planting something lightly thorned and once flowering like a Veilchenblau or IXL to throw ginormous canes in the back ground with something repeat flowering like either Renae or Annie Laurie McDowell in front to get the coverage and color you want. Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Annie Laurie McDowell on HMF

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