Ghislaine de Feligonde?

sleepydrjMay 14, 2009

Well, I did shovel prune my non-blooming Ghislaine de Feligonde last Feb. However, my daughter was in love with the name and she even dug a hole for a "new home" and we ended up transplanting the rose. It's now in a primarily north facing spot, with shade all but in the morning. Since I was planning on pitching it anyhow, I said it was fine to move it there. Surprisingly, the darn thing is NOW (mid May) deciding to put out a ton of tiny buds and is planning on blooming!

I still wonder if this is actually a Ghislaine de Feligonde rose though: the buds are TINY- no more than 0.5 inch before opening. Most are probably more like 1/4 inch. I think they appear smaller than my Ballerina buds.

Pictures on the web make it hard to figure out the size of the expected blooms- most seem like the flowers would be more like 2" across.

Does this sound like a Ghislaine de Feligonde?

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Hi-----I don't know where you live----I'm in Northeast USA zone6b7---my GdeF is not blooming yet----the buds are rather small and in clusters the buds look larger in this picture-----
My GdeF is in a rather shady location that used to be my DH veggie garden before it got too shady for tomatoes--

She seems to like this location.

Hope this helps


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I live in Atlanta and the buds are small, and come in clusters for me. Mine has smaller flowers than Zeffy's have and also start of opening more yellow than peach (that is definately a temperature warmer weather mine open completely white).


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Florence, your photo is lovely. I'm ready for mine.


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Mine is in its 2nd year (first year for buds), and your description (i.e.-many tiny buds) is also true for me.

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Thanks for the feedback! I'm in the SF Bay area in California. It's great to know that this might actually thrive in the shade instead of slowly dying! I guess it's a keeper after all. The foliage on mine looks close to your photo, and the buds are in clusers, and are trying to open yellow. Maybe the problems were a combo of slow starter and wrong placement.

Funny, but the blossoms on your photo remind me of my Penelope hybrid musk rose. You have a gorgeous bush.

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palustris(Z6 MA)

This is a view of four plants, two on either side of the arbor. They were planted in the mid 1920s and the photo was taken a couple of years ago just down the street from me.

Here is a closeup of the flower clusters.

Until the plant you have is given time to mature in full sun, I doubt that you will get full size flowers in large sprays.

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I bought this rose because I loved the story behind the name.
Mine is in a shady location---not sure how many hours of sun but it seems to be doing well this year -It is now three years old----I love it.

I love that picture from 1920


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I got this rose this year because I love the color. What's the story behind the name? Beautiful pictures btw!

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The story to the best of my knowledge---Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong--

During WW1 the lady GdeF was trying to find someone to save her DH who was missing in no-man's land---

No one would help her so she took a horse and went to No-man's land by herself and rescued him---a rose hybridizer was so impressed that he named the rose after her---I think at one point she came to the US after WW1

If anyone knows anymore about the story please fill in the gaps

I think it is a lovely story and a lovely rose.


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