Pat Austin died to the ground, here is a bloom today

aliska12000(Z5)May 29, 2009

The color is just the way it came out of the camera. 3rd year, 3 blooms, one bud starting to open, several more buds. There is still a slight droop, but every year it improves. First flush, later ones will prob not be quite as many petals.

I'm going to be nicer to him this winter. He has shiny leaves and is not as prone to things some of my others are except those nasty beetles, not as many as on yellow. The strip where he is planted is not very wide, so more compact roses are going to work better generally.

I stuck a Princess Caroline iris in front of him, and she is going to have to be moved, was in a hurry and no spot ready.

It makes up a little what I just went through just previously with mold on my perennials in milk jugs, should not do that in May even though vented. Opened them up, sprayed with dilute peroxide, the tops w/Liquid Fence, and covered with chicken wire, will have to mist a lot now. Squirrels and chipmunks love loose dirt.

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Lovely color.

BTW, I think Pat Austin is a "girl." The rose is named after David Austin's wife :) I always refer to her as a "she." Now I'm thinking of Pat from SNL.


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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Beautiful color and shape. I like the way the shorter petals are furled around the stamens.


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I'd better watch that gender as I did read that here and forgot, don't know why I think of it as a he, probably because I know a couple males nicknamed Pat.

Maybe SHE will be nicer from now on if I watch that. And thanks BTW. I think the actual color is slightly more apricot/salmon, but to avoid blown highlights in the bright sun, I had to dial in negative exposure compensation so it turned out darker than it really is.

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buford(7 NE GA)

I've had 3 pats that didn't make it. And it wasn't from cold. I am determined to have her.

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I love this rose mine died this winter but I replaced her with an own root.

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peachiekean(z10A CA)

My Pat is having problems this year too. I might move her next year if my soil problems are not resolved. Such a beauty.

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I love that one, too. Mine is grafted; now I'd go for own root. I doubt it will ever really be showy, and I've spent so much, mostly on replacement things and just a few plants. I have NO mulch though, city is out, and the bags at the nursery are so expensive, guess I'll have to do without, water and weed more and see what happens. I've not seen that little curlicue in prior years. I'm determined to winter protect my favorites this year; the rest can fend for themselves. It's nice to know which ones can pull through for you though, didn't lose a single one but may indeed lose for sure one Reines des Violettes and may be able to baby the other one into putting out new growth.

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She's lovely...great capture here as the color is soo vivid. I almost ordered this one and will have to do so next year!!!

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Thank you, jljohnson740. In the right hands and location, that rose is unique and is surely capable of being more than what it is for me in terms of size, vigor and number of blooms. I do get some beautiful blooms here and there, but the whole bush is another matter. I just accept what is and try to make the best of things.

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My PA is blooming as we speak. It's a grafted PA that I planted less than a month ago, and it is doing GREAT. We will see how it does once an Ohio winter comes around, but so far, I have about 25 buds, 4 popping right now on a new plant. I have PA at 2.5ft right now. Gorgeous blooms with a unique spectrum of deep orange to coral pink to bright pink with slight yellow undertones in it.

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Pat will own root if you plant it deep enough. Most of my roses have own rooted due to how they were planted plus that great soil I used to have. When we moved, the original root stock was dead on most, I chopped it off and potted the rest up. Everything is thriving in it's new location at the new house, even my sorry Pat Austin.

I planted her deeper this time, she was one of the original roses I bought when I moved to the other house before I learned to bury it as much as I did (usually 2-3 inches below). I can't count how many canes I've lost on her from not winter protecting. What survived usually got cut off due to borers.

She's one of my favorite roses. She looks great planted next to Benjamin Britten.

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I still have to bury Pat Austin a little deeper for Ohio winter's but she has some blooms on some lateral canes that I'm just going to let pop for now until it gets real hot. I do enjoy the orangish-pink color as it brings another spectrum of color to my very small area. Immediately next to Pat Austin is a full blue endless summer hydrangea in full bloom. It really contrasts the color of PA. Then there is purple capanula around the base of PA, a pink Belinda's Dream in the background, and WS2000 right to the left of PA. Yellow potentilla megalantha behind WS2000. I have every color of the spectrum thanks to PA.

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Beautiful picture of Pat! I love this rose. I have a 1 yr old own root from chamblees. Still small but blooms her fool head off.

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I'm definitely going to try to make myself winter protect mine this year, but am not sure how much difference it might make. Done faithfully, it definitely could increase its size and vigor; rather than spending energy having to put out new canes from the ground, it would have a bit of a head start so to speak, even though I will cut it back to 2-3 inches in the spring anyway. It came in a batch of 12 from Pickering that year we had the late, spring freeze. It was one of the three slowest of the lot to take off.

If anyone has a picture of a whole bush and how it is supposed to bloom under better conditions or caregivers, please post or any others you might have of PA. I'd really love to see more of her other than a catalog. As for myself, I'm delighted to get a few pretty blooms. She's been fed and will get some compost and mulch as soon as I can get to it.

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